Sigma offers P50,000 bounty for capture of ‘most wanted’

The billboard displaying the faces of Sigma’s “most wanted persons.” (Photo courtesy of Sigma PNP).

By Felipe V Celino

SIGMA, CAPIZ – The local government of Sigma is offering a P50,000 reward for information that leads to the capture of the town’s “most wanted” individuals.

Mayor Dante Rizal Eslabon informed the Daily Guardian on Thursday that this incentive is part of a newly enacted municipal ordinance, unanimously approved by the Sangguniang Bayan. The ordinance guarantees confidentiality and protection for the identity of the informant.

Funds for the reward are allocated from the municipal treasury, as part of the town’s efforts to apprehend individuals who pose a threat to the community’s safety.

Police Capt. Dennis Los Bañes, head of the Sigma Municipal Police Station, shared that this initiative underlines the local government’s commitment to delivering justice to victims of crime and their families.

Most wanted individuals are being publicized on billboards throughout the town to assist residents in identifying and reporting their whereabouts.

The reward system has already proven effective; last month, Mayor Eslabon personally awarded the cash prize to an informant who provided a tip that led to a successful arrest.