SiteView: A Leap in Construction Site Documentation

PlanRadar, an industry front-runner in digital construction technology, has announced an innovative feature to their suite: ‘SiteView’.

Utilizing artificial intelligence, ‘SiteView’ promises to transform construction site documentation by enabling the capture of 360-degree imagery, which is then automatically mapped onto a 2D plan for a comprehensive visual record throughout all phases of a build.

Co-CEO of PlanRadar, Ibrahim Imam, describes ‘SiteView’ as a significant advancement for users, offering an unmatched level of precision in creating visual as-builts, progress documentation, and reducing the need for voluminous photo-taking.

Imam emphasizes, “This feature’s a game changer… [allowing] anyone working on a project [to] easily go back and look ‘behind the wall’… often reducing rework.”

The technology streamlines the process by using a 360-degree camera attached to a helmet, simplifying the traditionally time-consuming task of manual documentation. Images are automatically synced to the PlanRadar app, thus optimizing efficiency and allowing instant review of the visual records.

Vitaly Berezka, Regional Lead for Central Asia, MENA, and APAC, highlights the efficiency gains, asserting that “SiteView reduces on-site inspection time and speeds up team collaboration,” ensuring complete visibility of the site, which is vital for remote work scenarios.

The technology underlying ‘SiteView’ is SLAM (Simultaneous Location and Mapping), a sophisticated form of tech also used in autonomous vehicles, capable of mapping unfamiliar environments on-the-fly. It works by estimating the wearer’s path and using AI to align the imagery with the digital plan precisely.

‘SiteView’ is more than just a tool for visual documentation; it enriches PlanRadar’s platform by adding a layer of functionality to its existing capabilities, which include document management and reporting. It promises to foster transparency, prevent miscommunication, and mitigate potential disputes among stakeholders.

The launch of ‘SiteView’ marks only the beginning, with ongoing enhancements such as BIM integration and ticket linking on the horizon, signaling PlanRadar’s commitment to continuous innovation in construction project management.