Snatcher mobbed by bystanders

By Jennifer P. Rendon

A snatcher was arrested after he allegedly took the mobile phone of a jeepney passenger afternoon of Nov. 28 at La Paz, Iloilo City.

But the arrest of Florio Fior, 43, of Barangay Hipodromo, City Proper, Iloilo City, came after he was mobbed by bystanders at Barangay Magsaysay, La Paz.

Police reports said the suspect and the victim, 18-year-old Shey (not her real name), were on board a passenger jeepney.

As the jeepney was navigating Luna Street, La Laz, the suspect suddenly grabbed the victim’s iPhone 6.

He then ran towards Barangay Magsaysay but he caught the attention of bystanders and pedicab drivers after other passengers alerted them of a snatcher on the loose.

Fior was able to run almost 200 meters before he was caught.

Patrolling members of the Iloilo City Police Station 2 were able to respond immediately and arrest the suspect.

Lieutenant Greg Matutino, has cited strong police presence and community support for the arrest of the suspect.

Matutino said they’re still checking if Fior has an existing case of a similar violation.