SPES: A contributor to an engineer’s success

Engr. Edson B. Lopez

Engr. Edson B. Lopez is one of the many successful professionals who found refuge under the Department of Labor and Employment’s Special Program for Employment of Students (DOLE-SPES) during the most pressing times of their life as a student.

From a poor family, he struggled, persevered and with DOLE assistance, survived to become a successful mechanical engineer.

With his father, a security guard, and his mother a housewife supporting his studies and of his two siblings was no joke.

“It was hard for me to pursue my studies with limited resources and my two younger siblings were also studying,” Edson recalled.

Being strapped for cash, he used to attend his classes with a minimal amount of money that could only cover his daily transportation expenses.

“I also experienced giving promissory notes for my tuition for I have not paid my remaining balance,” Edson disclosed.

The financial burden had almost caused him his studies. He shared that he almost lost his trust to finish his course. “I could have lost my confidence to continue my studies because of our situation that time.”

It was at this lowest moment that he learned of DOLE-SPES.

“Luckily, DOLE-SPES came. It was a great help to financially support my studies as well as for my daily allowances, “said Engr. Lopez.

The Special Program for Employment of Students is the Department of Labor and Employment’s (DOLE) youth employment-bridging program. It offers temporary employment to underprivileged but deserving students, out-of-school youth, and dependents of displaced or would-be displaced workers in order to supplement the family’s income and help beneficiaries continue their education.

“Through the program, I was able to finish my degree of Bachelor of Science major in Mechanical Engineering and it also helped me to take the licensure examination,” explained Edson on how the program helped him.

By means of the program, he was able to complete his degree and passed the board exam to become a licensed mechanical engineer. He is now working in a power plant in Negros Occidental.

“I and my family are very thankful and would like to take this opportunity to express my appreciation to DOLE for the privilege to be part of SPES,” a thankful Engr. Lopez said.

“I am forever grateful for your kindness and hopefully you could lend your hands to deserving students who want to be successful in the near future, “ he continued.

“The success of Engr. Lopez is an inspiration for us to continue providing assistance to poor but deserving students and their families, “ said Regional Director Atty. Sixto T. Rodriguez, Jr. who also worked at DOLE while taking his Bachelor of Laws degree.

The Regional Director added that aside from SPES, DOLE is passionately providing livelihood and employment assistance that will alleviate the vulnerable sector and help them send their children to school.