SSS Visayas West 2 Division Advances RACE Campaign

SSS Visayas West 2 Division holds the second Run After Contribution Evaders (RACE) operation of the year in Iloilo City on March 20. (Mariela Angella Oladive photo)

By Mariela Angella Oladive

Continuing its commitment to enforcing compliance with the Social Security Act of 2018, the Social Security System (SSS) Visayas West 2 Division conducted its second Run After Contribution Evaders (RACE) operation of the year.

Vice President Bernardo B. Dofitas leads the division’s efforts to ensure businesses meet their SSS responsibilities.

The recent operation on March 20 resulted in 13 establishments receiving violation notices for outstanding SSS contributions within Molo and central Iloilo areas.

The RACE team aims to recover approximately P5.8 million in unpaid obligations. Dofitas emphasized the urgency of these settlements, pointing out the accruing balance and monthly increases.

Feedback from the initial RACE initiative has been promising, with no cases filed to date. “So far, there have been no cases filed because every time we conduct the operation, there is always a positive response. The employers would say they will just come to our office. We have almost experienced very little resistance on their part,” Dofitas shared in a press briefing.

Following this, the division is planning more frequent operations to support and guide employers in complying with their duties.

Dofitas assured a cooperative approach to employers.

“We are giving the employers some time to provide the necessary documents and to explain to us their side, whatever their problem may be. We’ll be there to talk to them, we won’t impose directly that they pay.”

Employers have been urged to address their SSS legal obligations and consider the Contribution Penalty Condonation, Delinquency Management, and Restructuring Program (CPCoDe MRP).

SSS has mandated that these businesses visit the nearest branch within 15 days after receiving the notice, with legal consequences looming for non-compliance. Should there be no action taken within the timeframe, a pre-filing conference will be scheduled with the legal department.

Since the year’s start, over 60 employers in the Panay region have been notified of SSS contribution violations.