Standoff in the Yanson family feud – 5

By: Modesto P. Sa-onoy

In the August 23 news report, the camp of Leo Rey Yanson described the refusal of his four siblings to return their mother’s share as “insatiable greed and plain opportunism.” He called them “ingrates” and lacked respect for her. These are harsh words but understandable emotional expressions arising in the stand-off in this conflict that appears without a solution.

In fact, despite talks of reconciliation thrown from both sides, the slew of accusations and outburst are fueling the media. Both sides have their stable of media handlers that I had to wade through the mess and maze of utterances that are intriguing in the search for probable truths.

Fortunately, the charges and counter-charges contain minute details that linked together give us a peek into the truth and provide us with bases for discussion.

I quoted last week a statement of Leo Rey that needs to be clarified. He said that his four siblings “claim falsities against her (Olivia Yanson) simply because OVY is advancing in age and her husband, Ricardo V. Yanson is no longer around.”

What “falsities” have been released to the public? He did not enumerate what these are although his statement followed the claim by Emily Yanson that Leo Rey wanted to sell the Vallacar Transit Incorporated. Whether true or not is immaterial to the public and it is for Emily to prove what she said. I believe however that the claim is conjecture and until proof is presented, that claim of selling the company remains for us mere speculation. She probably has facts to back up her claim.

There had been several falsities in this conflict, not just from one side but likewise from the other. But as I said earlier, we can separate the chaff from the grain in the process of finding relationships. Let’s not belabor that process.

Certain facts, however, have not been denied. The wrath of Olivia Yanson for losing personal control over the company, the untraceable P380 million, the role of the favorite employee that triggered the anger of Olivia, the case against Rowena Sarona, the forcible entry of the PNP into the VTI compound, and removal of Leo Rey from the board and his “questionable” reinstatement, among other facts and events. These major incidents enthralled the public that lapped at every news coming out from the media handlers of both parties.

There is documentary evidence: the case filed by Olivia to regain her share which shows that she indeed lost it years back, the disinheritance of the four siblings and the reward for “loyalty” to Leo Roy and Ginette who will inherit all the properties of Olivia in the event of her passage from this world in accordance with Olivia’s Last Will and Testament, and the Constitution agreed upon by all the members of the family including the late Ricardo Yanson.

There is also the case file on the charges against Rowena Sarona, the audit report of the SGV that can reveal where the P380 million went and the records of the Securities and Exchange Commission on who are the shareholders of VTI. We can even add the numerous press releases and news reports of the conferences held by both parties and the records of the Philippine National Police as to who issued the order to assault the VTI Mansilingan compound.

These facts and claims and counterclaims can fill a good-sized book.

The Yansons claim they all wanted reconciliation, but none was willing to give in. Olivia wants control of the company and disinherited her four siblings for “insolence and disobedience” while the four want to protect their inheritance. The disinheritance case involves all the properties of Olivia, in effect the four and their children get nothing.

The favorites wanted Olivia to regain control of the company to guard their interests and even escape prosecution in the event the four Yanson children took control. The money involved that we have learned appears to be only the top of the iceberg. As there were many “beneficiaries”, their names have also to be revealed because they will tell interesting stories.

The courtroom battle will rage longer than earlier. The fight for prohibition and raffle to another court also has dragged for several months. Imagine how long it would take for the hearings on the merits of their several cases?

Wait for the next round.