Strange bedfellows in Antique politics

By Herbert Vego

CONGRESSWOMAN Loren Legarda (lone district, Antique), being now a returning candidate for senator, has fielded her brother Antonio Agapito “AA” Legarda to run for congressman under the Nationalist People’s Coalition (NPC).

As I wrote in a previous column, it was surprising that former Integrated Bar of the Philippines (IBP) national president Abdiel Dan “Ade” Fajardo also filed his certificate of candidacy for congressman, since his late dad, my former boss Danny, had been a close friend of the senator.

In a meeting with this writer, Ade reasoned that the opposition Liberal Party (LP) had invited him. Whereas, the senator belongs to the NPC, and so does her brother AA.

In an audience with the Iloilo media at Richmonde Hotel yesterday, Senator Franklin Drilon endorsed Fajardo as his candidate for congressman in Antique. I was not present, and so would rather not elaborate.

Aside from AA Legarda (NPC), Fajardo faces another opponent, former congressman Paolo Javier of the ruling Partido Demokratiko Pilipino–Lakas ng Bayan (PDP-Laban).

This time, however, let us talk about Governor Rhodora “Dodod” Cadiao who seems to be mired in political limbo, having been indicted by the Office of the Ombudsman for violation of Republic Act (RA) 3019 or the Anti-Graft and Corrupt Practices Act because of a graft complaint filed by the Provincial General Services Office chief, Antonio Dela Vega. This is so well-known in Antique that what only remains to be seen is whether trial of the case would proceed at the Sandiganbayan before the May 9 election.

A threat to her third-term run is a tyro opponent who has already advanced to be recognized.  He is Vicente Fedelicio – a seaman who heads a big shipping agency – representing the ruling PDP-Laban.

Another fly in Dodod’s ointment is the alleged break-up of the “LCD trinity”. The moniker stands for “Legarda, Cadiao, Denosta.”

Alas, the “LCD” has crumbled and turned into “LCT”. This means that, though the governor and Vice Governor Edgar Denosta both belong to the National Unity Party (NUP), Cadiao has aligned with another vice-gubernatorial candidate in the person of Julius Caesar Tajanlangit. Hence, LCT.

That is ironic because Tajanlangit, an incumbent municipal councilor of Tobias Fornier, is also the vice-gubernatorial candidate of Fedelicio under the PDP-Laban. Another candidate for vice governor is Vince Piccio of Aksyon Demokratiko.

Tsk tsk, there was a time when the governor vowed in an interview with PNA news writer Annabel Petinglay, “This is the rightful time for us to unite.”

By the way, what could have caused the LCD break-up?

“Contractor mentality,” I heard from the grapevine.

But don’t ask me to confirm.  As vice-governor, he is not allowed to practice his role as contractor.



TODAY (March 18, 2022) is a special non-working holiday in the islands of Romblon, Guimaras and Panay. It marks the 77th anniversary of a historical event officially known as the Liberation of Panay and Romblon.

It was the day during World War II when the American forces and the Filipino guerrillas launched their final assault on the Japanese Imperial Army in Tigbauan, Iloilo.

The two-week assault had seen bloody actions all over Panay and Romblon.

It was former President Corazon Aquino who, in 1989, issued Proclamation No. 430, “An Act Declaring March 18 of every year as Victory Day in the Islands of Panay and Romblon, including the cities of Iloilo and Roxas.”

Guimaras was not mentioned because it was then a part of Iloilo province.

She cited the Free Panay Guerilla Forces, 6th Military District, composed of the officers and men of the 61st Division Philippine Army who preferred risking their lives to surrendering after the fall of Bataan.

“Panay guerrillas harassed, sabotaged and decimated the Japanese Imperial Armed Forces in the islands of Panay and Romblon throughout World War II in the name of country, freedom and democracy,” part of Proclamation No, 430 read.

The leadership of Governor Tomas Confessor and General Macario Peralta boosted the morale of the liberators.

There are still more or less a hundred of the little more than 8,000 World War 2 guerillas from Panay and Romblon who are still alive today.


Let us not be alarmed when experiencing rotational brownout. Summer is here, and it is possible to experience shortage of power supply due to heavy consumption.

Where there is a lack of power supply, rotational brownout is scheduled in such a way that power returns on schedule, too.

According to MORE Power, the distribution utility in Iloilo City, load dropping may be necessary to keep the electrical system safe and in tip-top performance.

The Facebook page of MORE Power is also a source of updated information on rotational brownouts.

Incidentally, the service office of MORE Power will be closed today in observance of a holiday, the Liberation of Panay.

But its “helpline” will stay reachable through its 24/7 hotline number 330-MORE (330-6673) or through the Facebook page, MORE Power Iloilo.

Bills may also be paid to third-party collecting agents (TPCA).

The public is urged to browse the Facebook page of MORE Power for updated information on rotational brownouts.