Student killed over false rape allegation

By Glazyl Y. Masculino

BACOLOD CITY – Rumors falsely linking a Grade 11 student to a rape incident led to his death after he was allegedly shot by the father of the supposed rape victim in front of his parents at their house in Barangay Granada last Sunday.

Police Captain Portia Nillosan, head of Police Station 5, said 20-year-old Nicus Balagosa was mistakenly identified as one of those involved in the alleged rape of the 16-year-old daughter of one of the shooters.

Nillosan stated that they have four persons of interest in the shooting and have identified the father of the supposed rape victim as one of the gunmen.

She withheld his name to prevent the identification of his daughter, considering the sensitivity of the case.

Based on closed-circuit television (CCTV) footage, four armed men disembarked from a red sedan while Balagosa was playing billiards outside his house.

Upon seeing the perpetrators, the victim ran into his house and hid in his parents’ bedroom. However, two of the suspects chased him and kicked in the door.

Nillosan reported that the victim’s mother tried to pacify the gunmen, insisting her son had nothing to do with the alleged rape incident.

The suspects ignored her and shot the victim at close range, hitting his chest and legs.

Balagosa was hugging a pillow and trying to cover himself but succumbed to four gunshot wounds.

Police recovered three empty shells and two slugs from a .45 caliber firearm at the scene.

Nillosan mentioned that they are checking if the suspects had a driver during their escape.

The car’s license plate was not clearly visible on the CCTV, making it difficult to identify the vehicle’s owner.

The girl’s family expressed disbelief that the head of their family could commit such a crime.

The suspects are still at large, and authorities are waiting for Balagosa’s family to file murder charges.

The alleged rape incident was reported to the police only two days before the shooting. The incident reportedly occurred at a birthday party attended by the teenage girl, Balagosa, and his two friends.

A day before the shooting, the girl’s father confronted Balagosa’s two friends, aged 17 and 19, who denied any involvement in the rape.

Nillosan suggested that rumors linking Balagosa to the incident may have triggered the father’s violent actions.

Investigations revealed that Balagosa had left the party before the alleged sexual abuse occurred.

Authorities are still probing Balagosa’s two friends in relation to the alleged rape.

Medical examination confirmed that the girl was sexually molested. Police are waiting for the girl’s family to press charges against the two alleged suspects.


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