Summing up the issues-2

BEFORE I continue with the color-coding scheme of the Leonardia and Grupo Progreso cabal, let me sidetrack a bit with this information relayed to me earlier. It is a useful tool for all of us.

One of the most distressing problems during election time is locating one’s precinct. Most often, the Comelec reshuffles the list and it takes a great effort and waste of time aside from slowing down the others, to be going around a polling place to look for one’s precinct. Friends do help but not always when they too are looking for their own.

Well, the young people helping Bacolod mayoralty candidate, Atty. JocelleBatapa-Sigue have devised a system that will locate your polling place, precinct number and even your number in the list of voters in less than a minute. All it takes is a cellphone through messenger.

They launched OneBacolod Precinct Finder. To locate your precinct, just go to and send a message or get started. Click Precinct Finder. You will be asked your first and last name. Reply to this request and you will get your precinct number, voter’s list number and address of your polling place. 

Of course, you can get somebody to do this for you if you are not adept at this modern day facilities. Then write down the information. This facility reflects the expertise of Batapa and the thousands of millennials in the cyber world. She has been working with the provincial government that created thousands of jobs in call centers for several years now and has developed a large number of young people in the call centers and winning national and international awards for this work. 

With this ease, there is no longer any excuse for not voting except for a serious reason. The stakes in this election for Bacolod is high. You can let things as they are and accept whatever happens and surrender your right to complain about the state of affairs in the city. Or you can exercise your right to elect the kind of government you want.

If you are satisfied with what Bacolod is now with all its corruption and banalities behind smiling faces, contrived piety and propaganda that things are fine and dandy, then you can vote for Leonardia and some of his cohorts.

If you can no longer support corruption and city-wide inefficiency, chaotic sidewalks and snarled traffic and want change for the better, then vote for Jocelle Batapa whose public life has not been tainted by corruption and whose professional work had been bearing fruits for the city and higher incomes for families.

Yesterday I mentioned the red shirts worn by the loyalists of Mayor Evelio Leonarida. The color, though not worn inside the Bacolod City Government Center distinguishes the loyalist in the city government. This color-coding is the mechanism for official discrimination, especially in the hiring of casuals and even in dealing with regular employees, as their assignments and retirement.

Leonardia hires not the competent but the red-shirted, loyal but mainly unfit. The city spends millions for personal loyalty not competence. The results in the city streets are glaring examples of millions worth of incompetence. The traffic enforcers, mostly casuals, wear red uniforms. Because they are “reds,” they “perform” their duties accordingly, more to be Grupo Progreso operators and voters than workers. Thus we see them idling around while traffic snarls.

Many red-shirted casuals are content even with P2,500 every month because they do nothing except to gather when called to produce a crowd to applaud and present a “show of force” and wage a continuing campaign long before the elections. This is the massive vote-buying scheme paid for by taxpayers’ money and upon which Leonardia and cabal depend for their “solid block of votes” and campaign organization, their political machinery.

They are the ghost employees, the kind of crowd resorted to by Monico Puentevella when he was mayor. I wrote extensively about it, but Leonardia perfected where Puentevella slackened. What this shows, however, is that the army of casuals is not as formidable as is being proclaimed or touted about by Grupo Progreso. But as proven before, they are not really invincible and perfectly reliable. There are discontents within, one of which is the deduction allegedly to finance the Grupo Progreso, an unaccounted political party tax.

Let’s continue tomorrow.