Take good care of yourself, BBM

By Herbert Vego

FIRST, let me say that I voted for Leni Robredo for President in 2022.  I believe she was robbed of that post in a fraudulent election. But that is not what this column is all about, since even we doubters have already recognized Ferdinand Marcos Jr. as the de facto President.

The world recognizes him, and that is why he is welcome to official trips abroad.  By now, he must have left for Brunei and Singapore, his 26th and 27th foreign trips since assuming office in 2022. His foreign tours are touted to bring in benefits for agriculture, food security, maritime cooperation and tourism.

But our other concern is whether he could stay in power long enough to complete his term because of inimical forces who want Vice-President Sara Duterte to take over by whatever means. Who knows?  The fugitive Apollo Quiboloy ,“appointed son of god,” must be praying hard for his early demise.

You see, his frequent plane trips abroad could be hazardous to his health and safety. Lack of sleep and stress are now obvious in his looks.

No powerful politician is “immune” from fatal accidents.  Power not prevent Iranian President Ebrahim Raisi from perishing in a helicopter crash in Azerbaijan last May 19. We lost President Ramon Magsaysay in a plane crash in Mount Manunggal in Cebu on March 17, 1957. The late DILG Secretary Jesse Robredo, a frequent flyer, died in a plane crash on August 18, 2012 off the shores of Masbate.

But of course, dying on a jet plane is a remote possibility. BBM is more wary of a conspiracy among civilian and military mercenaries plotting to oust him in order to seat VP Sara.  That’s why he relieved 40 policemen, including seven station commanders, of Davao City posts, obviously because they are identified with the previous president.

Two battalions of the police’s Special Action Forces (SAF) have been assigned to Region 11, presumably to frustrate the suspected conspiracy.

I dread to imagine the future that awaits this country under another Duterte, under whom the relatives of the victims of extra-judicial killings could remain deprived of their day in the International Criminal Court (ICC).

A regime friendly to the Communist Party of China is not in our bucket list.



IS there still hope for Senator Loren Legada and outgoing Antique Governor Rhodora Cadiao to re-unite?

There is, according to Maritess, if Cadiao opts to accept an offer for an appointive position.  She would then abandon her ambition to run for congresswoman against the incumbent, who happens to be Loren’s brother AA Legarda.

Ahh ahh.. But she just might belittle the offer—if somebody has indeed made the offer – because it would be nothing comparable to a golden House seat.

Meanwhile, based on an FB post by broadcaster Waggy Wilson, the Sangguniang Panlalawigan (SP) of Antique has become the board members’ venue for a heated debate over “supplemental budget No. 1” proposed by Cadiao’s allies.

The proposal calls for a budget of Php 739 million for “solar power”. The report is not clear, however, whether it refers to solar panels for direct use by beneficiaries in order to save on cost of power from the Antique Electric Cooperative (Anteco).

Assuming that to be so, the amount is so big that “slices” of commission from the product supplier could end up in a few politicians’ pocket.

Baka mag-CASHundo man kuno kon everybody happy.

Did I hear Ade Fajardo laughing?



ALL electric cooperatives in Western Visayas chorus the “song” that they would be reducing power rates in June.  As regards the expected high rates due for the current billing cycle, they attribute it to higher electricity demand resulting from “extreme heat conditions and lack of government action.”

This makes the MORE Electric and Power Corp. (MORE Power), the private distribution utility in Iloilo City, a standout for still charging low even despite the P1.02 increase per kilowatt-hour (kWh) this month of May.

The increase is not MORE Power’s but a component to be passed on to the contracted power generators. This means that for the period May 18 to June 12, its residential users will be billed P11.3263/kWh. Among the electric cooperatives, only the Antique Electric Cooperative (Anteco) has a similar rate.

The others charge much higher, ranging from P14.9272 (Akelco) to P17.2669 (Noceco).


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