Taking out God

ON January 20, the president of the University of Notre Dame, Fr. John I. Jenkins, announced that he will “censor” the beautiful and historic 17th century murals of Christopher Columbus on display in the Main Building. The murals depict Columbus’ arrival in the United States and with him came the civilization of the West and Catholicism.

Why would the murals be censored, meaning blocked out? Fr. Jenkins wrote that, “Columbus’s arrival was nothing short of a catastrophe.”Why is a Catholic priest feeding this false narrative? Catholics asked. Will the Catholic title itself, “Notre Dame,” be next? Notre Dame is French for “Our Lady” the title of the Blessed Mother to whom the most beautiful Cathedral in Paris, the Queen of Cathedrals, is named.

Indeed, the origin of the university comes to us from Christian Europe and someone, somewhere, might be offended by that as they are with the Columbus murals.

The opposition to Fr. Jenkins move explained that Christopher Columbus brought the Faith and civilization to America. In fact, Pope Leo XIII issued a glowing encyclical, Quarto Abeunte Saeculo, to celebrate Columbus’ providential mission.

Columbus was “extremely zealous for the honor and glory of God,” wrote Bartolome de las Casas. “He deeply yearned for the evangelization of these peoples and for the planting and flourishing everywhere of people’s faith in Jesus Christ.”

However, “Leftist professors (in the university) hide this fact:  Slavery was widespread among the native Indians when Columbus arrived. The leftists claim that Columbus brought with him slavery to the United States, ignoring the civilization and the Catholic faith that prohibits slavery.

In fact, it was the Pope that outlawed slavery. One of the conditions that the Pope allowed Spain to colonize the Philippines was that Spain will abolish and ban slavery in the Philippines. And so we became one of the world’s first nations to officially put an end to slavery.

Pursuing their arguments, they pointed out the fact that “Columbus insisted on the fair treatment of the Indians.” De las Casas wrote, quoting Columbus:  “I recognized that they were people who would be better freed [from error] and converted to our Holy Faith by love than by force.”

Christianity is “our noble heritage,” they said and “we must defend it”. That is truly said because leftists, modernists, relativists, liberals and anti-Catholics are massing and gathering their demonic forces to remove our heritage. Take another case what these forces are doing.

Bishop Joseph Strickland of Tyler, Texas, reflects this spirit in his tweet following the unspeakably evil New York abortion bill: “The video of the ‘celebration’ of New York legislators as they condemned even full-term unborn children to Death by Choice is a scene from Hell. Woe to those who ignore the sanctity of life; they reap the whirlwind of Hell. Stand against this holocaust in every way you can.”

We have not reached this point of legally aborting a child. But there are forces in the Philippines that have begun this campaign. It starts with population control, the deceptive program called “Planned Parenthood.” Why deceitful? The reason is simple. Their objective is not parenthood but the denial of parenthood. Parenthood denotes parent and child. If there is no child how can there be parenthood? But governments and even churchmen are deluded by this play in words, the oxymoron.

The origin of the term “responsible parenthood” was from the Church that envisions a child and his or her parents and placing responsibility to the parents in the proper care of the child. The deceitful operators of birth control hijacked the term because the real objective “birth control” is too obnoxious. Indeed the devil is, well, devious.

Birth control for its own sake is alien to Church teaching as it unnatural and prevents God’s purpose for humankind for creating man and woman.

Once they succeeded in contraception that the Church says is contrary to natural law, to Gods law, the demonic moves on to the next stage, abortion. From one trimester of conception and when they succeed, then they move on to the second trimester and now even to the point that a child can be killed when it comes out of the womb. Abortion succeeds on to infanticide.

What is happening now comes to one conclusion – excluding God from our lives, not just this abortion but in many other things.