‘Teach children positive values’

Mayor Alfredo Marañon III delivers the State of the Children’s Address on Nov. 21 at the Sagay City Gym.

Mayor Alfredo Marañon III of Sagay City, Negros Occidental urged all stakeholders to help instill positive values in children.

Marañon made the call in the State of the Children’s Address to culminate the 27th National Children’s Month Celebration on Nov. 21 at the city gym.

In his address, he reminded the parents, teachers, government officials, elders, and other stakeholders that “it is our responsibility to teach and instill in our children positive values that they have to live with through life.”

Mayor Marañon and some members of the city and outstanding students who brought awards to Sagay City in regional and national competitions this year.

“These are values of patriotism, honesty, and integrity, selflessness, integrity, respect for elders and our fellowmen, love of God and neighbor and sacrifice,” he said, adding “We need these values in our everyday living as a good Christian, a responsible and concerned citizen, a respectable individual worthy of emulation.”

“When putting into practice, these values are the intangibles that make a nation great,” he said.

A light moment with the students of Sagay National High School as they take a “groufie” with Mayor Thirdy.

This year’s celebration is themed “Karapatang Pambata: Patuloy na Pahalagahan at Gampanan Tungo sa Magandang Kinabukasan” where the city government’s Council for the Protection of Children and Department of Education-Division of Sagay held the “Adlaw sang Kabataan”, highlighted by the State of the Children’s Address.

Marañon also assured support to all children’s programs especially in the field of education, sports, nutrition, arts and culture and all other programs meant to develop their skills and talents.

He urged the children to be conscientious of their studies, be respectful to their elders and persons of authority, be obedient and be responsible at home, in school and the community.

“We are here to support you in your journey towards a better future for you, your family and our country,” he said.

The leaders from various high schools of Sagay who took part as “little city officials” for a week in celebration with the National Children’s Month.

The city government also recognized 172 Kabataang Sagaynon who represented the City and the DepEdSagay City Division to the provincial, regional and national competitions from October 2018 to October 2019.

These awardees were able to achieve bronze, silver and gold medals in their respective areas of competitions such as Performing and Visual Arts, Academics, and Sports through the Bulahang Batang Sagaynon Award.

The city’s “little officials”, who acted as the head of the city government and other government agencies for a week were also presented. They were organized by the non-government organization SagaySigay JCI with President Evangeline Yu and Past President Rex Yangco.

Mecca Ella Barrios, the Little Mayor, and the reigning Sinigayan Queen said they will do their share to help in bringing progress and development for the city.

Mecca Ella Barrios, who acted as the girl mayor of Sagay, speak s during the program. She is also the reigning Lin-ay sang Sagay.

“The opportunities given to them to immerse in the works and functions of the city and DepEd officials they represented gave them an overview of their functions and they will strive harder not to disappoint them in their hope to give them a better future,” she said.

Meanwhile, Councilor Concepcion Javellana, Chairman, Committee on Social Services said that the Children’s Month Celebration is intended to give importance to our children and that the city government will continue in creating more programs for their development.

Councilor Perfecto Maranon, who spoke on behalf of Vice Mayor NarcisoJavelosa Jr., said that children are a gift from God and it is our responsibility to take care of them and raise them properly.

Also present during the program were Councilor Roldan Gamao and SK Federation President Roed Bais, DepEdSagay Department Heads and barangay officials.