That gives me a good idea!

By Klaus Döring

Very often – sometimes too often – the thought is back!

If we wake up in the morning (or even many times in the middle of the night), the thought is back. Sometimes, the thought will not let us sleep.

The “act of thinking,” “reflection,” the “opinion” or “serious consideration,” no matter how we describe it – our memory and conscience are always with us as permanent companions.

We brood over unsettled problems. Sometimes we bear unfair treatments, arrogance, ignorance, incompetent know-it-all-betters, and unbearable oddballs, who inexorable love to make our life a hell while living themselves a disorderly life.

We would not like to be distracted, but we’re toying with some good ideas how we could throw overboard all that “human garbage.” What will come next is a matter of conjecture.

Of course, I’ve got my ideas, but I’m not a mind reader. Too many trains of thought make us thoughtless and absent-minded especially in difficult and important daily life situations.

Does waiting and/or sleeping solve our problems? Or is it just again in time? Our life’s central idea should not be that while waiting, time solves all our problems. Thoughts should intensify, condense and deepen plans followed by actions.

It’s good and helpful to carry thoughts in us all the time. Incomprehensible, or better unfinished and un-matured thoughts, no matter whether positive or negative, should be slept on, before tiredness outstrips us with supersonic speed.

Sometimes we feel that our thoughts and ideas can’t be fulfilled with life. Where the heart is willing, it will find a thousand ways; but where the heart is weak, it will find a thousand excuses. If doubts begin to take roots, we should rouse from pink-tinted idealism or wear down and annihilate nightmares and erase and wipe out such thoughts and ideas.

If our thoughts are good and have the chance to be fulfilled in action, especially if “the other side” is prepared and willing to step on to such a bridge of life, we might get support and words of encouragement.

And, if not? No action? Maybe it is God’s will to keep and protect us from a careless, rash, disadvantageous and uneasy action. Every new day gives us new inexhaustible possibilities to survive, to bear trials and to start a new beginning. We overlook and fail to notice many chances to lie through our sluggishness and laziness while thinking and dreaming of unequaled and unfulfilled ideas.


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