The Beauty in Business

Jessa Balesteros, a single mother, found her beauty and success in her beauty products business.

Jessa Mae Ballesteros, a 30-year-old single parent from Malolos City, Bulacan, saw the beauty in starting a business. Before opening her shop, Jessa was a buff supporter of beauty products to lower her self-consciousness in her body and skin.

To raise her only child and support their daily living, she started her business. She started pre-ordering beauty products and realized to continue the in-demand business.

In August 2016, Jessa became a CARD, Inc. (A Microfinance NGO) client to help her finance her budding business. She applied for a loan and solely use it to open a physical store for her beauty products. She rented a space and started to gain the trust of many patrons. She ensures that she knows her product well to market what is best for the consumers.

Despite the success, Jessa also went through some ordeals, especially when she was still building the capital for her business. “In doing business, it’s normal to experience difficulties and trials. I am very grateful that I met CARD, Inc. because it played a vital role in doing my business,” she said.

During the pandemic, Jessa didn’t waver but saw it as a great opportunity to get into online selling. She also sold alcohol, samgyeopsal grill, and other items besides beauty products to transcend the challenges of the pandemic.

With the wide reach of social media, Jessa created her Tiktok, Shoppee, and Facebook page to market the items she sells. “This helped me grow and expand the market reach of my products,” she explained.

Currently, Jessa has local and international customers in Riyadh, Saudi Arabia and that’s because of social media, the new platform she discovered at the height of the pandemic.

Because of this business, Jessa has seen the hidden beauty in herself. She met the new Jessa who is more confident and more determined to succeed in life.

“I also saw the beauty that CARD brings to the lives of its clients. This is the institution whose goal is to help us see and achieve a good life,” she concluded.