By: Cedric Miranda

Social Media in the information age plays a vital role in the society. There’s more to justtweeting or posting something on the Internet. The internet and social media can serve a greater purpose; some can even revolutionize the world. A simple post or tweet can trigger something big and ignite global movements. That’s why in The CMS Social Media Awards, we honor those who use their sphere of influence in creating positive impact in the society.

What started as a class activity has now reached greater heights.On its third year, The CMS Social Media Awards: The Rise of the Influencerrolled out the red carpet last March 9, 2019, at Casa Real de Iloilo. Participated in by the four big universities in Iloilo (University of the Philippines Visayas, University of San Agustin, Central Philippine University, and West Visayas State University), the awards night dazzled with the young social media influencers, with the big winners going home in sheer triumph .

The winners for the Individual category are as follows:

  • Best Youtube Vlog – Joshua Palma
  • Best Use of Instagram – Aura Aguilar
  • Best Use of Twitter – Zahara Nica Ojoy
  • Best Use of Facebook – Adrian Camposagrado


For the Organizational Awards:

  • Best Organizational Campaign –WVSU Development Communicators’ Society
  • Best Viral Campaign – UPV Marketing Society Incorporated
  • Best Community Engagement Campaign –Central Echo
  • Best Social Media Influencer –AMSA WVSU

The CMS Social Media Awards will continue to honor promising social media personalities next year. With the Communication and Media Studies degree students and faculty of the University of the Philippines Visayas, this endeavor aims to jumpstart a more meaningful collaboration of individuals and groups in Iloilo City through the various exciting social media platforms we all enjoy and learn from. The organizers look forward to next year’s honorees, so start curating your social media accounts now and you might just be our deserving winner next year!

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