The colors of my life

By Klaus Döring

I have always been fascinated listening to Celine Dion’s song “Colors of my love.” “I’ll paint my moon in shades of blue; paint my soul to be with you…” “I’ll paint the truth to show how to feel…” Colors of love are colors of life.

Passion and ignorance, our intense emotions and our uninstructed and unlearned behaviors, are not just justifiable reasons for pardoning the guilty. Those words may sound rough and unpleasant but they need to be voiced out clearly and very directly in our minds and hearts.

However, the weight of evidence points to the fact that his lack of seeing colors led to unnecessary death and injury! We may be barreling down – the tracks of life with plenty of people in tow. Our decisions can influence friends, relatives, colleagues and others in our daily surroundings. I don’t like your style? But, you belong to the colors of my life!

Colors of life are not always colorful. Many times, we might also find black-and-white periods.

Here is another important person. He was born in a stable. His friends were fishermen. He was never travelling far beyond his homeland. He died in disgrace, when he was still a young man. And yet, through the centuries and around the world, Jesus of Nazareth by his life and teaching has inspired more people than anyone else who ever walked on this globe! Also He became the color of my life!


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