‘THE FINAL ACE’: Federer officially plays last tennis game in Laver Cup

Thank you will never be enough, Roger Federer. (US Open Tennis Championships Facebook)

By Leobert Julian A. de la Peña

It wasn’t the favorable decision Roger Federer wanted in his last lawn tennis match but it was still a fitting ending to a legendary and unmatched career.

Marking his official goodbye to the sport of lawn tennis, a sellout crowd of 17,500 flocked to O2 Arena in London just to witness the last couple of hours of Federer enter the hard court, lace up his shoes, and flaunt his racket wizardry.

Despite taking the early lead, the legendary team Europe duo of Federer and Rafael Nadal lost at the hands of team World’s Jack Sock and Frances Tiafoe- 4.6, 7.6, 11.9- in the 2022 Laver Cup.

During the match that lasted for almost two hours, one thing was clear in the eyes of the millions of tennis fans.

Federer is still great.

The doubles match was also his return to competitive tennis after one year of absence when he was plagued with several knee injuries that prevented him from coming back earlier than expected.

It was like the Federer of old who brought back tons of nostalgia after scoring a vintage reflex flick net point to give them a 40-15 (2-2) lead in the first set.

After the memorable point, everyone in the O2 Arena began to stand up and applaud the 20-time Grand Slam champion in amazement.

Federer was still consistent with his groundstrokes and is still one of the most creative shot makers in the history of lawn tennis but unfortunately, the breaks of the game went to team World’s way.

It was an emotional roller coaster after the umpire declared the match over as everyone in the arena started crying including Federer.

After Federer burst into tears, it didn’t take long for Nadal to tear up, wipe his eyes, and acknowledge his greatest rival in the sport while sitting down together on the benches.

They first didn’t believe it. That it was the last time Federer played the sport that he dominated and changed for the good.

“We’ll get through this somehow. Will we? Right? It’s been a wonderful day, I told the guys I’m happy, I’m not sad. So, it feels great to be here. I enjoyed tying my shoes one more time. Everything was the last time,” an emotional Federer said during his post-game interview.

Federer also acknowledged all of the tennis greats that became his inspiration growing up and sent his sincere love to his family, wife, kids, and his past tennis teams that helped him rack up his Grand Slams to 20 trophies.

“I am just happy to play tennis and spend time with my friends. It’s been a perfect journey. I’ve had so many people cheer me, and you guys here tonight, means the world,” added Federer.