The Fraternal Order of Eagles-Philippine Eagle Welcomes Leaders in Unity Ceremony

In a gathering marked by tradition and the spirit of unity, the chartering of the Iloilo City Executives Eagles Club (ICE EC) and the induction of new members into the Metro Iloilo Eagles Club (MIEC) took place on March 19, at Royal Garden Hall.

Esteemed figures from the region graced the event, underscoring the clubs’ commitment to service and brotherhood.

The guest list was a veritable who’s who of local dignitaries and Eagles officials. Notably, the ceremonies were presided over by Eagle Doc Gilbert Gille, a luminary in the Eagles community, holding the title of Past National President and Past PENAPLE.

The event was further adorned with the presence of several key figures such as the Antique Vice Gov. Edgar Denosta, Mayor Richard S. Garin of Miagao, Iloilo, Toyota-Iloilo CEO Robert L. Uy, Daily Guardian editor-in-chief Francis Allan L. Angelo, and Iloilo City Councilor Johnny Y. Young, who each delivered remarks resonating with the themes of service and cooperation.

Leadership roles within the newly charted ICE EC were assumed with Eagle Crosbee Gumowang taking the helm as President, and Eagle Sec Gen Allan Corpuz serving as Secretary-General for the ensuing year.

The Metro Iloilo Eagles Club also welcomed its new members, illustrating the vibrant and ongoing leadership within the Eagles’ community.

The event was not only a ceremonial induction but also an affirmation of the Eagles’ enduring principles: brotherhood, service, unity, and divine power, encapsulated in their rallying cry, “Mabuhay ang Agila!”

The gathering concluded with a fellowship, reinforcing the shared values and collective mission of the Eagles in Western Visayas.

CHARTER OFFICERS of Iloilo City Executives Eagles Club

Eagle Crosbee B. Gumowang – President

Eagle Tito C. Lascano – Vice President

Eagle Ian J. Miravite – Secretary

Eagle Stephen A. Bastillas – Treasurer

Eagle Errol Neil H. Depatillo – Auditor

Eagle Aaron G. Ayupan – Information Officer

Eagle Gerard A. Caram – Protocol Officer

Eagle Innocencio O. Estrada – Protocol Officer

Eagle Aian T. Compañia – Peace Officer

Eagle Peter Laurence A. Organia – Peace Officer

Eagle Jose Maria A. Gatian – Peace Officer

Eagle Paul M. Buenafe – CARE Chairman

Eagle Jose Rolando T. Tavarro Jr. – Tribunal/Grievance Chairman



Eagle Reggie A. Bautista

Eagle Jilson D. Moreno

Eagle Domingo C. Curton Jr.

Eagle Alfredo Salvador T. Estoce

Eagle Luke Anthony O. Ravena



Eagle Crosbee B. Gumowang

Eagle Erle V. Salazar

Eagle John Dexter C. Alejano



Eagle Jared Bellosillo

Eagle Donny C. Kiamko


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