The hard dreamer

By Klaus Döring

Series of images or thoughts in the mind of a person asleep – the idle fancy, the vision, the aspiration, the yearnings. They are dreams that have interested, puzzled and frightened people for thousands of years. All kinds of strange explanations have been written about dreams.

Interpreters of dreams have published innumerable books. I bought some of those books. I caught myself reading them and trying to analyze my dreams, resulting in my becoming unsure and sometimes really undecided about the many different explanations regarding the same dream’s meaning.

At one time, people thought that the figures appearing in dreams were messengers from the Gods. It was generally believed that dreams came from something outside a person’s special skills. Do you believe this?

Today it is believed that the dreamer himself creates dreams; and, because dreams are something a person creates, they may have special meaning for the dreamer. Just why should one have a dream when one may depend on many things. Your health may have an effect on your dreams. A person who is ill or feeling uncomfortable will have different kinds of dreams than that of a person, who is doing good and who is happy.

If a person is hungry, or feels cold, or very tired – his dreams may include those feelings. Also the events of the day before may have a lot to do with what people dream about. Often, the persons or situations in a dream are those in our life. Or your emotions may make you have the kind of dream you have. Needing or wanting something may be expressing a dream, and being frightened may become part of a dream.

I dream a lot. I am always wondering about myself. I am still dreaming of a better world, yes, it’s blue eyed, but these are my dreams. No ignorance and no arrogance, a world with real friends, who don’t turn back if we need them; a world with people who will stop killing each other because of stupid and incomprehensible reasons; a world with people who will stop hurting and insulting each other because of envy.

I also dream, Filipinos will not always talk about an unfinished revolution and an inchoate nation still in the process of becoming.

Dreams are foams? Maybe. Maybe not. Confucius said a long time ago: “The one who steals our dreams brings us to death!” PWEDE! Let’s dream hard, and let’s work harder!


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