The Living Monolith!

By: Joshua Adrian Aristoza

I’m not so familiar with the character, but this was a welcome project for me as I haven’t done an X-men character in a long time.

The base figure is a Terrax Build-A-Figure, and then everything else was sculpted and built from scratch.

The Living Monolith (Ahmet Abdol) is a fictional character, a supervillain appearing in American comic books published by Marvel Comics. He first appeared in X-Men #54 (March 1969).

Abdol is the Living Pharaoh while in his normal appearance, but once he obtained enough cosmic energy, he would increase in mass, size, and power, thus becoming the Living Monolith.

Abdol has mainly been an X-Men villain, usually using Havok to become the Living Monolith. He has also used other superheroes, including the Fantastic Four (who gained their super powers from exposure to cosmic rays). He even killed his own daughter to achieve his goal. (

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