Custom Marvel Legends Jean Grey!

By Joshua Adrian Aristoza

With the new Marvel Legends X-Men 3-pack coming out, it seems fruitless to make another custom Jean. But I was asked to update an older custom I did with my new paint from Zurc! So here’s my version 2 of Jean, with a better metallic blue and more detailed hair!

I was sent a ROML Jean and ML Hellcat that I was asked to put together to make a more updated body for the character. The client herself did the reshaping of the torso so that it would fit together better with the lower body of Hellcat. I added the blue “pockets” on the biceps with a bit of sculpt as well.

Finally, I followed the client’s specifications of having a flat color for the body, without my usual highlights and shadings. Check out the other pics for more angles!

Also check out @clow990 aka Isa Lofranco on instagram for more pics of the figure! She’s one of the few only-female-figures collectors I know.

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