By Reni M. Valenzuela

They are working on the rebels’ source of funding (imagined or otherwise) based on their so-called “intelligence reports.” Who really knows the truth (or complete truth or lies) about it except them, with all their guarded “secrecy.” How gullible can BBM and our officials be?

What is ironic is that their “source of funding” in doing what they have been doing is the one that badly need probing and questioning.

I cannot understand how ex-SC Chief Justice Reynato Puno (known as a renewed Christian) seemed to have grown myopic (spiritually) for failing to see what he should have seen, having been designated as a “friend of court” on Anti-terror Law deliberations. Mere religion.

Just take a look at the critics of the government, in big numbers and in their mammoth size – all sincere, pure critics with no other agenda but to enlighten the government and be of service to our people and nation in their own little way.

I am sure they have been subjected and continue being subjected to secret, close, vicious policing. Their phones have been wiretapped and their private conversations are being intercepted and recorded, with their private data being stolen and collected – just because of their hate for Satan and love for God and country. Vile. Hellish. Isaiah 48:22, 2 Timothy 3:1-5, 1 John 5:19.

Such a huge waste of budget/people’s money, in several billions of pesos.

All these are the malignant, masked intents and contents (among several others) of the Anti-terror Law.  Can’t you see those? The law by itself is equal to the government legalizing and legitimizing bigger and worse evils – to beat lesser evils.

What can BBM or the Supreme Court do about the situation, now that Old Nick has become a law?

One suggestion to counter the dickens: The Court should require the revelation and submission (to them) of the names/identities of the suspected terrorists or “terrorists” and oblige the agents or agency concerned (unconcerned) to show proof of their suspicion of them or paranoia over certain individuals and groups whom they intend to subject to surveillance and secret investigations, and other legal and moral breaches. Malicious.

What I have cited are just a few among many wrongdoings that can be and are being committed as a result of the Anti-terror Law’s deleterious why and wherefore of its operations and intentions.

There were at least 37 petitions lodged in the High Court from various groups representing different sectors to declare this oppressive, suppressive, demoniac law — illegal and unconstitutional (and maniacal). You definitely can do no less, dear justices of the Supreme Court of the Philippines.

Craft sane laws instead to address the problems of dissent, dissatisfaction, rebellion, poverty, inequality, injustice, fascism/gangsterism in governance, and hunger (for food, healthcare and education) among the Filipino people.

Craft equally sane laws too (of course) – to address the malaise of ingrained, blatant corruption and massive crookedness among “public servants,” the police and military. Then and only then will we all be free from terrorists without — and within.

That is the real anti-terror act.