‘Thief’ nabbed after victim chases him

Shutterstock Photo

By Jennifer P. Rendon 

A suspected thief was arrested following a chase morning of Oct 10, 2022 in Iloilo City.

The suspect was identified as Angelito Roga, 50, a resident of dela Rama, City Proper, Iloilo City.

According to the report, Gloria Serilo, 50, of Poblacion, New Lucena, Iloilo was at a clothing store on Luna Street, La Paz district when Roga allegedly stole her mobile phone placed inside her shoulder bag.

The suspect immediately left the store, ran, and boarded a public utility jeepney.

But Serilo was not about to give up on her mobile phone without a fight. She quickly boarded a motorcycle and chased the suspect until they reached Yulo Street in City Proper district.

The suspect even changed his yellow T-shirt into a red-colored shirt.

Serilo shouted for help until a traffic enforcer noticed her and helped in the pursuit until Roga was arrested.

The suspect is now detained pending the filing of charges against him.