Threads of Inspiration

Clarissa Ditchoso shows the place where she started sewing her dreams and where she started to be an inspiration to others. As her business continues to flourish, so does the business of the mothers she taught to sew and dream.

To inspire other people is a different level of success.

For Clarissa Ditchoso, a CARD MRI Rizal Bank, Inc. client from Pililla in Rizal province, success isn’t just about what she accomplished in life but how she was able to give hope and change other people’s lives through small initiatives.

Originally from Zambales, Clarissa was only seven years old when they moved to Rizal. Here she got an education, got married, and built her own family.

At a young age, she had a strong interest in sewing. When the opportunity arose to pursue free vocational education in their municipality, she seized it eagerly. She engaged in courses like electronics and tailoring where she honed her skills.

She used her knowledge of sewing to work as a subcontractor at a local tailor shop. Though the income was modest, sewing served as both a side job and a personal hobby for her, even before she got married and became a client of CARD RBI, an organization that provides financial aid to aspiring entrepreneurs.

“It was 2013 when I learned about CARD RBI from my neighbors. The center meeting was held near our house so they encouraged me to join. They immediately chose me to be the center chief,” she said.

Clarissa did not waste the opportunity to start her own tailoring business and immediately applied for a loan from CARD RBI. With her initial loan of PHP 5,000, she purchased a sewing machine quickly followed by another.

She used these machines to start threading her dream of providing a better life for her only child and initiated her journey by sharing her sewing skills with other mothers in the community who aspired to learn. Her good deeds open her up to more blessings and opportunities.

“To give my fellow mothers in our area more meaningful time, I encouraged them to sew. Then I encouraged the interested mothers to join CARD RBI and helped them get loans and buy their sewing machines,” she said.

To ensure that her co-clients could repay their loans, Clarissa organized a system where they delivered their finished products one day before their weekly meeting. She not only shared skills with her fellow mothers but also the opportunity to have a job.

To further expand her tailoring business, Clarissa sought another loan from CARD RBI, this time to purchase a printing machine. This enabled them to accommodate a growing number of orders, including various types of jerseys that are made more beautiful by their colorful and customized designs.

From her humble beginnings as a worker with a sewing machine, Clarissa evolved into a leader who guides a group of sewing women. She acted as the thread and needles that helped them change their paths and inspired them to pursue their dreams and establish their tailoring shops.

“CARD MRI has truly been instrumental in empowering women. Through CARD RBI’s financial support, we were able to purchase sewing and printing machines that changed our lives. The majority of the clients in our center now have their businesses,” Clarissa said.

As Clarissa continues to strengthen her business, she has also successfully supported her daughter’s education. Now, her daughter dedicates her time to contributing to their family business after pursuing an Information Technology course in college.

Their tailoring and printing business is located in their house in Pililla, Rizal and they plan to open a tarpaulin printing shop in Tanay, Rizal in the next few years.

Clarissa shared her message to other aspiring entrepreneurs, “Dreaming comes with hard work. If you have the opportunity to help others, don’t forget to lend a hand. It’s incredibly fulfilling to see not only yourself thriving, but also those around you. Be an inspiration to others.”


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