TMC Iloilo launches ‘cutting-edge, comfortable, convenient’ MRI facility

By Joseph Bernard A. Marzan

The Medical City-Iloilo (TMC Iloilo) on Wednesday launched its new magnetic resonance imaging (MRI) service, which is set to provide more accurate and more accessible health imaging services to the city and province of Iloilo and Western Visayas.

The 24-hours-a-day, 7-days-a-week MRI service is set to cater multiple medical disciplines, with available suites for neuro, ortho, angio, cancer, pediatric, scientific, and other essential suites.

The hospital’s new machine is designed with cutting-edge technology to prioritize patient comfort and workflow efficiency with its short and open design, which would, in turn, escalate patient experience by significantly curbing patient anxiety and claustrophobia.

TMC Iloilo’s MRI services head, Dr. Agnes Que, noted that to enhance their capacity with regard to this new service, specialists and staff were sent briefly to TMC Ortigas in Pasig City to be trained and observe procedures in using their new system.

Dr. Douglas Budok, head of Radiology at the hospital, said that this would be a great benefit to Ilonggos, especially those who would need critical care.

“With this groundbreaking service, we are seeing to benefit not only the patients but also the doctors as it will make their diagnosis faster, convenient, and more accurate with the advanced technology that our MRI Services will be using. The machine has also capabilities that can be used for various cases like cancer, pediatrics, and scientific, among others,” said Budok.

TMC Iloilo Chief Executive Officer Dr. Felix Ray Villa called this new development a “game-changer” in Western Visayas and would help not only their patients, but their doctors as well.

He said that despite the sparkle of the new machine they have acquired and installed, it had been made more valuable with the quality of doctors that the hospital has with the topnotch qualities they provide.

Villa pegged the MRI services’ cost to range between ₱10,000 to ₱75,000, emphasizing in its competitiveness compared to other hospitals in the region which provide the same facility.

“MC lloilo MRI Services will truly be a game changer in Western Visayas’ healthcare landscape. We are very excited to launch this service to further level up the healthcare services that we provide,” said Villa.

Interested patient-partners may contact the TMC Iloilo Concierge service at (033) 500-1000 local 50053, mobile numbers 0956-276-0764 or 0961-288-9592, or email address