Traveling around Negros Occidental

By: Mini Javellana-J

THEY say tourists come to a destination not for the place they stay at rather for the destination that would make their trip memorable, enjoyable and worth their money’s value. Bacolod City lies in Negros Occidental, simply an hour away from Panay Island.

Bacolod is the gateway of Negros Occidental with several cities and municipalities each with their own attractions as well, be it landmarks, culinary, adventure and more. The southern part of Negros Occidental starts with Bago City, which celebrates its Al Cinco de Noviembre and houses several heritage landmarks. Further down are the famous oyster (talaba) and seafood destinations like Hinigaran town, Himamaylan City, Kabankalan and Ilog having Hinobaan as the last part of the Occidental side of the island. Sipalay City is more known as a dive site with several

private resorts affordable as well. The town of Ilog, where they say talaba is best, now boasts its own tourist attraction, the Balsa River Cruise. Operated by a private group, the Balsa attraction was envisioned by its owners, Jez and Bam Jordan, after they visited the Loboc River Cruise in Bohol. “It can be done here; let’s do it,” said the couple.

There is the town of San Enrique famous for its buko pie and fresh lumpia and singkamas.

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The farthest town of Hinobaan is great for diving enthusiasts. Tuna fish is also plentiful in the area as its neighboring Cauayan town is also a beach place.

Up north, Negros Occidental’s first stop is in Talisay City, just seven kilometers from Bacolod

City where The Ruins is located, a favorite of tourists. Talisay boasts of its fresh crabs and peanuts. After a short drive, Silay City is next, the Paris of the region where several heritage houses nearing centuries still rise in splendor. Silay is the city where you could taste the famous fresh lumpia, empanada, piaya, a variety of pies.

Upwards is the home of Victorias Milling where the world’s virgin white sugar is refined in Victorias City. Cadiz City is a seafood haven, tempting you to buy their variety of dried fish, crispy squid rings before crossing the seas to reach the beautiful Lakawon Island. Further travel brings us to Sagay City, popular for its seashells, squid delicacies, and other points of interests. Happy travel to all!