Treñas targets modified mufflers, illegal parking

By Mariela Angella Oladive

Iloilo City Mayor Jerry Treñas has taken a firm stance against modified mufflers and illegal parking, announcing a robust crackdown on these disturbances on April 3.

In a call to action, Treñas highlighted the necessity to combat modified mufflers, known for breaching noise regulations, by seizing and destructing them.

“Together let us declare war on noisy modified mufflers,” he declared, advocating for heightened surveillance and the setting up of checkpoints throughout the city to reduce their use.

The Public Safety Transportation Management Office (PSTMO) and the Iloilo City Traffic Management Unit (ICTMU), responding to Treñas’ orders and the revised Anti-Modified Muffler Ordinance, are poised to escalate their enforcement activities.

The ordinance prescribes a noise limit of 99 decibels for motorcycle exhaust systems and grants authorities the power to impound modified mufflers from violators, who will also face fines escalating from P1,000 to P5,000.

PSTMO head Jeck Conlu confirmed ongoing operations have yielded a significant number of confiscations, contributing to the city’s tranquility.

“Our operations are ongoing, and we have already confiscated a considerable number, ensuring peace for residents, especially at night,” Conlu said.

Although recent statistics are pending, an estimated 50 modified mufflers have been collected thus far, Conlu reported.

Beyond mufflers, Treñas also called attention to the rampant issue of vehicles parked illegally on public roads. He emphasized the need to keep national roads clear, stating they are not to be misused as makeshift parking spaces.

“We are also declaring war on illegally parked vehicles everywhere in the city,” Treñas said, underscoring his commitment to enforcing order and adherence to traffic laws.

His pronouncement mirrors the city’s endeavor to resolve public nuisances and enforce civic discipline.


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