Tripping: The Panay Blackout Documentary

The New Year is supposed to usher in fresh hope for a better future.

But that was shadowed by the January 2, 2024 blackout that hit Panay, Guimaras, and Negros Islands.

Hundreds of thousands of Ilonggos suffered sweltering days and sleepless nights due to rotating brownouts. Businesses lost an estimated PHP3.7 billion between January 2 and 5.

What really happened and who is to blame for the repeat of a similar blackout in April 2023?

The latest episode of the Daily Guardian Documentary, “Tripping: The Panay Blackout Documentary,” tackles the reasons, explanations, and fallout of the incident.

DG sat down with key personalities in the electric power industry and the Ilonggo community who discussed the possible causes and their responses to the blackout, like MORE Power in Iloilo City.

In the aftermath of the outage, irate lawmakers and local officials called for immediate and drastic actions to prevent a repeat of the event. But the probes have yet to produce results and resolutions.

The questions that need to be answered and acted on are:

-Is Panay self-sufficient in terms of power supply?

-Are the generation, transmission, and distribution facilities in Panay robust and flexible enough to respond to emergencies?

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