Two wounded in Passi City stabbing incident

By Jennifer P. Rendon

Two persons were wounded in a stabbing episode evening of September 6 in Passi City, Iloilo.

Police identified the victims as Jimmy Pineda and Gabriel Barrera, both 35 years old and residents of Barangay Agdahon, Passi City.

Major Marvin Buenavista, Passi City police chief, said that the incident stemmed from what appeared to be a petty misunderstanding between Jimmy and Jason Muyco, 22, also a resident of Agdahon village.

Jimmy allegedly bought barbecue from Muyco’s food stall.

Witnesses claimed that the two figured in a brawl minutes later.

Buenavista said Jimmy allegedly asked Muyco to use the latter’s drinking glass.

But Muyco did not permit Jimmy, noting that drinking liquor is not permitted in the area.

This allegedly irked Jimmy until they went on a physical tussle that led to a knife attack.

When Barrera, Muyco’s friend, saw what happened, he allegedly tried to pacify the two.

The incident prompted Jimmy’s father, 64-year-old Roberto Pineda, Sr., to stab Barrera.

Buenavista said Roberto allegedly thought that Barrera and Muyco were ganging up on his son.

Jimmy was hit on the left side of his body while Barrera was wounded on the back of his body near his left armpit.

They were rushed to Don Valerio F. Palmares Memorial District Hospital in Passi City and later transferred to Iloilo Provincial Hospital in Pototan town.

Both are now in stable condition.

Responding police arrested Muyco but Roberto remains at large as of this writing.