By Reni M. Valenzuela

The condition of the Church is what determines the state of its nation. But for the churchless, godless, atheistic nations (like China), nothing can be worse regardless of what may be viewed as “progress” about them – outwardly, or materially.

But, incongruous, countless professed Christians seem to have left the world long before God would take them home to Heaven. Wala na silang pakialam ano man ang mangyari sa mundo, tila baga. (They don’t mind whatever happens in the world, so it seems). They live as though they were made to become citizens of Heaven (Philippians 3:20) alone, forgetting the fact that they are still alive and remain citizens of the world. Believe God rather than your “theology.”

We were all animals (as sinners or “Christians”) until Jesus Christ came into our lives and caused resurrection to take place in our hearts – to make us humans. Religious groups that claim to be Christian churches, but have yet to be endued with power from on high (Acts 2), are still in their tombs – lifeless as cadavers. That’s why.

Some of them worship, adore and serve Jesus Christ but may actually be worshiping, adoring and serving something else (unwittingly).  They need the infilling/empowering of the Holy Spirit for God to create and develop the mind of Christ in them, just as the Apostle Paul admonished the Philippian and Corinthian believers, “Let this mind be in you, which was also in Christ Jesus.” – Philippians 2:5. “For who has known the mind of the Lord… we have the mind of Christ.” – 1 Corinthians 2:16. 

Modish, stylish and good are these churches/disciples at what they’re doing in and outside their elite borders, online and onsite – but only as modish, stylish and good as their respective breathless, crossless, Christless, Bibleless, Spiritless, meaningless “logo” (or religion). Towers of Babel.

Could these people be just a bunch of hyped and unenlightened churchgoers who see and care nothing beyond their personal miracles and “blessed lives,” and group religiosity? Their ministers do all sorts of ceremonies or preach the Bible, and teach love, goodness and prayer — yet they pray not and seem to hate God and the Bible, and love evil. “Love does not delight in evil but rejoices with the truth.”  – 1 Corinthians 13:6. 

Each of these churches does its own unique rituals (individually or corporately) in its worship, sacraments or services — as clanging cymbals (1 Corinthians 13), alienating itself from the world outside its world  — just as it has gotten used to hearing harmless, cute or long and dragging, sleepy sermons — from cold, detached pulpits, Sunday in and Sunday out.

Church is not all churchlife. Go out. But in going out, don’t be like the priest and Levite in the story of the Good Samaritan (Luke 10:29-37). Be the Samaritan.

Try to ask parishioners of these flocks (small or big, regardless of denomination) about current events or social and political issues as I have done a number of times on various occasions and in different places and settings, and you will find out that a huge, mega number of them don’t care, or simply don’t give a damn.

And for those who would dare give an answer, you are likely to get responses that are screwed up, devoid of God, bereft of truth, wisdom, perspective, grace and Spirit — far from right and godly answers by which Heaven would/could hardly figure them out and be convinced that they are Christians. This is one reason why political surveys are deleterious, ruinous (psychologically, etc.) to the people and nation, notwithstanding their “science” and “accuracies,” and/or manipulative ways.

Example: Inquire if it’s ok with the people to see countless thousands of our countrymen — guilty or innocent, collateral damage, youth, elderly, women and children being murdered extrajudicially (sanctioned at that), almost daily, in the name of a “drug war” — and you will almost always get a common answer: “Tama lang yun, para mawala nang lahat ang mga addict sa bansa.” (“It’s just alright so that all addicts in the country will be gone”).

Pathetic. Ironic. Unbelievable. Inhumane. Heartless.

Alas, the addicts remain, as illegal drugs stay unabated and corrupt authorities continue their filthy trade among pushers and addicts. By all means, let us all fight drug addiction and beat the proliferation of illegal drugs. But, by all means as well, let the government do it right, wise and bull’s-eye, and with heart (most of all).

Oh, the so-called “drug war” of the previous administration. Its big and only accomplishment: Over 30,000 people killed. Diabolic. And, lamentably, “Christians” were/are not bothered about it — even until now when justice for the victims remains elusive and crying out. I wonder, who’s the god they’re worshiping?

Henceforth, and no wonder, those types of “Christians” are too happy to elect godless, dumb, crooked, avaricious, blasphemous, murderous, ruthless, soulless popular candidates during elections — to rule (and devastate) the country and Filipinos. But blame them not. Blame their “shepherds.”

Un-resurrected. (Revelation 3:1-6).

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