UNegA-Love Negros alliance remains strong

By Dolly Yasa

BACOLOD City – The alliance between local political parties United Negros Alliance (UNegA) and Love Negros remains strong.

UNegA Secretary-general and Cadiz City Mayor Salvador Escalante, said they have not discussed their plans for the 2022 elections, although he hinted that the present alliance is “productive.”

Escalante also said that UNegA remains united and despite losing two members, he said two other politicians joined their party.

Mayors Ernesto Estrao of Hinoba-an and Ceciro Borromeo of Candoni left the coalition and joined Love Negros.

“It’s their choice. We respect that,” Escalante said.

Earlier this month, Ferrer affirmed he would not run for governor in the next elections and insisted that the merger is “holding.”

He added the merger has brought peace, noting that “If there are those who have ambitions, there will be no peace.”

Last October, UNegA announced plans to initiate a loyalty check among party members.

“As a party member you have an obligation to follow party decisions.” the vice governor stated. “You owe it to the party you joined.”