Ungka Flyover repairs begin but no monthly report from DPWH

Support beams are being installed in some piers or foundations of the sinking P680-million Ungka flyover as part of Phase 1 of the repairs. (Photo courtesy of Aksyon Radyo)

By Mariela Angella Oladive

Contrary to earlier sentiment expressed by the public regarding the start date of repair works on the sinking Ungka Flyover, City Councilor Johny Young confirmed that construction has begun.

“Actually, paglabay ko nakastart na sila nga pang-pader…wala pa kaabot ang equipment pero gastart na,” the city councilor said in an interview following a regular city council session on February 7.

[Actually, when I passed by, they have started with the walls… the equipment hasn’t arrived yet, but they have begun]

According to reports from Aksyon Radyo, the Davao-based contractor, Monolithic Construction and Concrete Products Inc. has indeed commenced modifications and restoration efforts on the flyover, particularly focusing on installing support pillars.

The news team’s observation indicated that the completed pillars are being gradually reinforced with steel bars.

The repair contract officially began last month, but it was only recently that movements were noticed in the ill-fated flyover.

The Iloilo City Council recently passed Resolution No. 2024-129, requesting monthly progress reports from DPWH regarding the ongoing repair and strengthening of the Ungka Flyover.

The resolution aims to closely monitor and provide transparency and accountability in the construction process by keeping both the council and the traffic management unit informed of developments.

But as of now, DPWH has yet to submit its monthly report.

“So far, they have not passed their monthly report yet, it may be because it has not reached one month, that’s why they have no update. There’s no specific date given, maybe once they receive the letter that’s the time they will start with the monthly report,” Young said.

He emphasized the significance of the repair process, highlighting its role in mitigating traffic congestion.

“Importante para indi ma-hamper ang traffic sa flyover,” he said, while assuring the public that the flyover would remain accessible during specific hours from 6 am-10 am, and 2 pm-9 pm.

“Pero ang gina-request ko gani, not really monthly but as needed kay para mabal-an ang traffic flow…” he added, suggesting a flexible approach when it comes to reporting the project’s development in order to address any emerging concerns promptly.

Regarding the project’s standard measures, Young clarified that the city is hands-off, particularly concerning the project’s technicalities as it falls under a national project.

Instead, their focus would be on managing traffic flow effectively, ensuring minimal disruption to daily commuters while the necessary construction work progresses.

With a budget of P96 million allocated for the first phase of repairs, the project is expected to be completed within 120 days.

The equipment is still being awaited to expedite the repair process.

The ongoing retrofitting of the Ungka Flyover aims to ensure its structural integrity and safety for the benefit of residents and commuters alike.

With construction underway and a commitment to ongoing communication between the DPWH and local authorities, the public remains sharp-eyed about the completion of the repair project to end the long frustration about the previous failure of the project.


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