Upcoming locations in Kolkata to buy a new flat

Kolkata is known as the City of Joy and with good reason. While there are many reasons to cheer Kolkata on its way to becoming a megapolis, one of them is certainly the upcoming locations in this bustling city where you can buy a new flat.

The older parts of this great city are witnessing a heavy state of stagnation where people can no longer think of moving in. Hence, the outskirts of the city are the places where the new residential complexes are being built. These fringes are grabbing the headlines as far as real estate development is concerned.

This article helps you find the upcoming locations in the different sections of this city so that you can easily have all this information in a nutshell. We have provided all the information according to different sections of the city for your convenience. This will help you select the pinpointed areas where you want to narrow down your choices.

Read on to find out the different locations where real estate is booming. At the end of this article, you will certainly get a fair idea of what to expect at which part of the city.

1.     North Kolkata

The most prominent place in North Kolkata is B.T. Road. B.T. Road is very strategically located in the heart of the city. It includes the areas of Sinthi More, Agarpara, Dunlop and Sodepur where major development projects are being carried out. In addition to this, it also includes Jessore Road, Dum Dum and Madhyamgram as it is located very close to the international and domestic airport. The road and rail infrastructure is very advanced with Metro Rail, Circular Rail and Ground Rail connecting this place to the rest of the city.

Currently, six lanes are being developed on B.T. Road and the Metro rail is being extended from Dum Dum to Dakshineshwar all along the route to Nivedita Setu. This proximity and ease of access to Rajarhat is also helping in raising the property prices of the flats in this area. It is very easy to reach Shyambazar from here using a myriad variety of public transport for which this city is very famous and well-known.

Currently, B. T. Road has many upcoming projects that are just about to be completed. It will be immensely lucrative to invest in these projects as you can get good returns on your money.


2.     South Kolkata

South Kolkata is extremely good for the academically inclined. It hosts a number of premier colleges like Jadavpur University, Lady Brabourne College and IIM Joka. There are even good hospitals and shopping malls that create an aura around this part of the city.

The best part about South Kolkata is that it is easily accessible from all parts of the city. This is possible because of the extensive rail, road, and Metro network that are very well developed. There is also a Bus Rapid Transport System (BRTS), the EM Bypass is being extended with numerous flyovers at every point and the New Garia to Airport link that will improve the connectivity even more. This has led to new projects being developed at Garia, Thakurpukur, Kasba, Narendrapur, Kamalgazi, Behala, Joka, and Sonarpur. This development is expected to continue over time.

Diamond Harbor is another place where development is going on at a rapid pace. The roads in this area are being repaired and the Joka to Esplanade Metro is also being built to facilitate ease of communication. In fact, this metro is set to be the backbone of the growth and development that will take place in this part of the city.

It is expected that the value of property will rise in the coming years in these parts of the city as more and more projects keep coming up in the city. This will give you excellent value for money should you decide to invest in projects that are located here.

3.     East Kolkata

New Town is both the business and residential hub of the City of Joy. The sheer beauty of this place is bound to leave you spellbound. The place is dotted with well-constructed roads, upcoming flyovers and also the Rajarhat Metro that is being constructed. All these factors will help in raising the prices of the value of property manifold within a short span of time. Seeing this development, Rajarhat is being touted as the Smart City of the future and the Central Fund will play a major role in uplifting the infrastructural level in New Town as well.

A lot of commercial galas are being built in New Town and it will soon become a major commercial center of the city. This shows that New Town is a prime location for both commercial and residential property. It is also the hotspot for rapid growth that makes it a lucrative place to invest in property.

Due to the success of New Town, even nearby places like Rajarhat are coming up quickly. This will help in property appreciation here and will open up more avenues for expanding the real estate business in Rajarhat. There are many amenities like education and healthcare. Both Rajarhat and New Town are good places where you can invest your money and expect to get maximum returns.

4.     Central Kolkata

The Science City junction heading out to Park Circus to the west and Topsia to the south is also a major arterial road where new projects with 2 BHK and 3 BHK flats are coming up in Central Kolkata. These places are located along the EM Bypass and have good roads and flyovers that connect it with major parts of the city. There are also tourist spots and shopping facilities located nearby these areas that will help to raise the property rates quickly. The iconic flyover Maa spanning across EM Bypass to Park Circus helps to ease the traffic congestion in this part of the city.

The most important thing to be noted is that even though these places are at the outskirts of the city, still the efficient modes of transport that are being developed here will ensure that they soon become an integral part of Kolkata. All these factors have led to the eastern metropolis becoming a prime location for real estate investments. Hence, you definitely need to consider making some real estate investment here that will surely hold you in good stead.