Upholding the Filipino independence

GOVERNMENT officials lead the flag raising rite at Sta. Barbara, Iloilo on June 12, 2019. (Emme Rose Santiagudo)

By: Emme Rose Santiagudo

HOW do we preserve the independence that our forefathers and ancestors triumphed with their lives?

There are three ways, according to Police Brigadier General Jesus D. Cambay Jr., the guest speaker during the 121st Independence Day Celebration in the town of Sta. Barbara, Iloilo on June 12, 2019.

In his speech, Cambay emphasized the inherit duty of Filipinos to uphold the legacy of their ancestors who fought for the nation’s independence.

“Philippine independence was made possible by our ancestors. As Filipinos, we have the inherit duty to uphold that legacy,” he stressed.

One of the many ways that one can uphold independence according to Cambay is by respecting his fellow Filipinos.

“Our ancestors offered supreme sacrifice as the premium for Philippine independence because of their respect for Filipinos. They did not die themselves alone but they were fuelled of their high regard in Filipinos as human beings who are equally entitled of their own freedom and independence. This is based on the basic principle that if we Filipinos do not respect our fellow Filipinos, we cannot demand respect from non-Filipinos,” Cambay said.

Cambay added that by doing the basic duties of a Filipino, one can also uphold independence.

“We may do little things to give value to our independence. Although, we are all violators of this little things in one way of another, it is never too late.

Lastly, he said that performing one’s own function in his/her own field in the service of the country is another way to uphold one’s independence.

“If we do what is expected and required of us in our respective homes and function, we cannot only serve our people well but importantly, we give honor to our country,” he stressed.

Cambay served as a guest speaker during the Independence Day Celebration in Sta. Barbara Iloilo alongside Iloilo Governor Arthur Defensor Sr.

The two officials also led the raising of one of the largest Philippine flags in front of the Santa Barbara municipal hall.

Defensor also led the wreath-laying at the monument of General Martin Teofilo Delgado after the flag raising ceremony.

The short program was followed by the revival of the civic parade at the municipal plaza.

The town of Sta. Barbara is the home of Gen. Delgado who led the “Cry of Sta. Barbara” and raised the Philippine flag during the inauguration of the Revolutionary Government.

Delgado was the overall commander of the Revolutionary Forces in both Visayas and Mindanao during the 1896 revolution and the Philippine-American War in 1899-1901.

He was also the first Iloilo governor during the American occupation in 1901-1903.