Wanky warns against misuse of sirens, unwarranted escorts

By Jennifer P. Rendon

The Police Regional Office (PRO) 6 is reinforcing President Marcos’ policy barring the unnecessary use of sirens, blinkers, and similar devices by government officials and personnel.

According to Administrative Order No. 18, signed by Executive Secretary Lucas Bersamin on March 25, only official vehicles of the Armed Forces of the Philippines (AFP), National Bureau of Investigation (NBI), and Philippine National Police (PNP), along with fire trucks, hospital ambulances, and other emergency services, are exempt.

Brigadier General Jack Wanky, the Western Visayas police chief, affirmed the diligent enforcement of the order, stating, “And this won’t exempt policemen. The order is very clear: only marked police vehicles and ambulances should use sirens.”

Wanky issued a caution against police personnel personalizing private vehicles with sirens or blinkers, declaring such vehicles subject to police operations.

“Policemen and politicians are no exceptions,” he emphasized.

Furthering this directive, Wanky pointed out that a crackdown on police assigned as VIP security is underway, in line with orders from PNP Chief General Rommel Francisco Marbil, advocating for limits on the deployment of police as escorts, especially for high-ranking officials and command groups.

Wanky highlighted the need for accountability, inviting the public to report violations, including unnecessary police back-up for official duties.

He also said that scrutiny would be applied to police officials using escorts for private family events, underscoring that abuse of authority will not be tolerated.