Western Visayas firecracker injuries breach 200 mark 

By Rjay Zuruiaga Castor 

The reported cases of fireworks-related injuries (FWRI) in Western Visayas reached a total of 214 from December 31, 2023 to January 3, 2024, the latest Department of Health Region 6 (DOH-6) surveillance report showed.

The region’s FWRI surpassed the 200 mark after an additional 61 new cases were recorded from January 2 to 3.

This comprises a total of 49 blast/burn injuries, seven cases of eye injuries, three blast/burns resulting in amputation, and two blast/burn cases without amputation but with an eye injury.

The 61 cases were caused by homemade cannons locally known as “Boga” (3 cases), 5star (6 cases), kwitis (18 cases), Triangulo (7 cases), Camara (4 cases), whistle bomb (2 cases), candle bomb (10 cases), Sparkler (6 cases), and other firecrackers.

According to the DOH-6, there were no reported cases of fireworks and stray bullets in the region.

“The 214 cases are 0.47% higher than the 213 cases from the same time period last year,” added the DOH-6.

The agency had previously stated that “Boga” is the leading cause of FWRI in the region.

It further noted that the majority of FWRI cases involved males aged 1-20 years.