What women should know about him?

By Alex P. Vidal

“Man is least himself when he talks in his own person. Give him a mask, and he will tell you the truth.”— Oscar Wilde

IN today’s fast-changing cultural environment, I respectfully recommend the book that flashes intriguing questions such as: Why does a husband or lover fall asleep within seconds after lovemaking? Why is a man often more shaken by his wife’s infidelity than a woman is by her husband’s?

Thought-provoking questions like: Why do some men never follow through when they say, “I’ll call you tomorrow”?

If women are baffled by these and other riddles of the male personality, noted psychologist Dr. Joyce Brothers, suggests that they stop wondering explaining in her book, What Every Woman Should Know About Men, that “the more they know about the mental and emotional characteristics of the men in their life, the better equip they will be to interact successfully with them in business, love and friendship.”

“A woman can improve her relationship with any man if she understands more about the sources of men’s behavior,” writes Brothers, former member of the faculty of Hunter College and Columbia University in New York City.

And here she examines that behavior to help women relate to the opposite sex with more ease, sensitivity and self-assurance.

In this frank and informative book, Dr. Brothers clarifies the physical, psychological and emotional differences between male and female, dispelling the myths and speculations that have been the basis of much sexual conflict.


With the support of extensive research and using examples from case histories and from her own life experiences, she then shows how the stages of male adulthood may affect the moods and behavior of the men you know.

Her observations provide valuable insights into various areas of the male psyche.

For example, she describes the male business mentality: the kinship of men in a work environment; the trouble women have in

breaking through that closed circle of camaraderie; the trial of sexual harassment and how to cope with it.

Dr. Brothers also addresses some of the intimate questions that remain unanswered in many women’s minds concerning male sexual capabilities and difficulties.

Here she offers solutions for minor problems and guidelines for making the sexual experience more exciting, more enjoyable and more loving.

The book is an important and much-needed work at a time when the lifestyles, values and aspirations of both men and women are changing dramatically–and when personal relationships are adjusting to this cultural transition.

Filled with Dr. Brothers’ expertise and practical wisdom, the book offers sound advice for establishing and continuing relationships with male colleagues, bosses, subordinates, husbands and lovers in ways that will fulfill both the female and male needs.


PLAY BALL. When our running shoes are worn beyond use, let’s not throw them away. Because of their high rubber content and the fact that rubber is easily recyclable, old sneakers are now being used to make new sports surfaces. Nike is one brand that operates this function by producing its Nike Grind material.

PLANT A TREE. Let us give up 10 square feet of our land by planting a tree. Trees soak up carbon dioxide and help keep the atmosphere clean. If we don’t have the space, let’s use a pot on a balcony or near a window.

BRUSH IT UP. Let’s not throw away our old toothbrush; let’s use it to clean tricky-to-reach areas like the caulking between floor and wall tiles and the area around bathroom faucets. Often a little more elbow grease will do the trick without resorting to harsh cleaners.

WORLD RECORD. The world kissing record was set in 1990 by Alfred Wolfram. He kissed 8,001 women in 8 hours. That equates to kissing a different woman every six seconds!

(The author, who is now based in New York City, used to be the editor of two daily newspapers in Iloilo.—Ed)


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