Where The Tides Flow: An Art Exhibition

“Where the Tides Flow” explores the collective memory of the evolution of Iloilo City’s new commercial business district as a testament to the ever-evolving nature of land use, its effect on people, and eventually the history of a place.

A large portion of this new commercial area is located in the barangays of Tabucan, San Rafael, Brgy. Airport in Mandurriao, City.

The exhibition invites artists whose personal history is connected to the locality to reflect on a specific memory or story utilizing interviews with elders, historical photographs, or even family stories, as well as artists who experiment with contrasting styles and materials to showcase the visual evolution of the place from a natural landscape to a commercial district.

The exhibition hopes to combine elements of collective memory and materiality through artworks that bridge the past and present, showcasing the transformation of the place while honoring its roots.

Some of the artworks on view include:

BRGY. AIRPORT MANDURRIAO, THEN AND NOW, Althea Villanueva, Watercolor and Ink on Acid-Free Paper, 6 in.  x 9 in., 2024;

SAN RAFAEL AT DUSK, Althea Villanueva, Watercolor and Ink on Acid-Free Paper

6 in. x 9 in.,  2024;

-RESTORED DONATO PISON CHIMNEY MONUMENT, Althea Villanueva, Watercolor and Ink, 9 in. x 6 in, 2024;

Nostalgia, Martin Espino, installation, 2024;

Harvest, John Ray Parreño, installation, 2024;

-L4ND B4 T1M3, Jecko Magallon, Mixed Media on Paper, 2024;

-T3LL L135, Jecko Magallon, Mixed Media on Paper, 2024;

“Where the Tides Flow” is on view from May 18, 2024 to June 20, 2024.

The exhibit features artworks by Margaux Blas, Kristoffer Brasileño, Alan Cabalfin, Jeanroll Ejar, Martin Espino, Jecko, Roland Llarena, Christian Lozañes, John Ray Pareño, Yanni Ysabel, PG Zoluaga, Althea Villanueva. (Photos from Thrive Art Projects)