Why the ‘call’ to oust the president?

By Reni M. Valenzuela

“A coup consists of the infiltration of a small but critical segment of the state apparatus, which is then used to displace the government from its control of the remainder.”  – Edward Lutwak

BBM is far from being ideal as our president. But he may be considered to be better than any of our past nine successive presidents, and by far (of course) much better than his immediate predecessor, especially given the problems and challenges Filipinos are facing at this juncture, many of which were wrought by his predecessors, including his father.

But look how President Ferdinand M. Marcos Jr. handles things and manages to remain composed notwithstanding unfair attacks on his person and leadership, even under great pressure at times. Thus, it is neither right nor sensible to call for his ouster (even despite the sound of his name). The police and military have no reason stronger than at this time, in the last six decades, to support the government.

I am not a fan of BBM as I did not vote for him (honestly). However, I support the good things he has been doing to our people and country.

While he has his share of blunders and blinders in leading the nation, especially on rendering justice for human rights victims, let us not be blind, dear countrymen, to the other side of him. Granting he was a drug user before, as a young man, that can no longer be taken against him for he has long ago reformed himself. On the contrary, such a personal transformation on his part is commendable, and God (by His grace) should be credited for it because no one can transform anyone except Him (2 Corinthians 5:17).

BBM has done wonderful achievements halfway to his presidency. The Philippine National Police, for example, has never been as upright or behaved as during his administration. Imagine the P13.13 billion worth of seized crystal meth (shabu) the other day in Batangas checkpoint. It is “the largest drug bust in the history of the country.” And, hallelujah! There was no single shot fired and no one single person was hurt and killed. Kudos! And kudos to DILG Secretary Benhur Abalos for promptly and wisely ordering the immediate inventory and destruction of the said illegal drugs. Abalos must be doing his job sensibly and bravely.

It is not common for police personnel to reject bribe money. But, wow! They did exactly just that the other day when some Chinese nationals whom the Taguig police nabbed for harboring illegal firearms and war equipment in their hideouts attempted to bribe them. Both said incidents happened within a week.

What I cannot understand is the acceptance of “reward money” (also this week) from politician Chavit Singson (with fanfare at that, before a TV camera) by the MMDA allegedly in the form of a donation. Note the money was “donated” well in connection with Singson’s violation of traffic rules. It is clearly a form of irregularity and impropriety, if not covert bribery or immorality. How else will heaven view/call it?

The Civil Service Commission was right in commenting that the MMDA should have not accepted the money at all, out of delicadeza and good governance. Where money is involved, there is no such thing as “no strings attached.”  Another thing that I cannot understand about the current MMDA is its act of banning modern e-bikes and e-trikes from certain important roads in the metropolis. Are there some “donations’ involved also in their rule?

Back to BBM, why indeed the call to oust him when all Filipinos should instead be calling and clamoring for the ouster of political devils from our political life as a democratic country?

Could China be behind this “Oust BBM” roar? Probably so, because the President remains firm and unwavering in defending our maritime territory amid China’s intrusion and aggression in the West Philippine Sea. Truth be told, there is no “clamor” to oust BBM, only a call (seditious call) from a handful of his political enemies — within, not without (not the political opposition).  Hence, BBM should beware more of his “allies” and “friends” than those on the other side of the political fence.

Having said all of the foregoing, Mr. President, may this tiny, humble, poor voice admonish you, if you please: Kindly stop your lieutenants in Congress (including yourself) from salivating to amend our constitution because such an overture, desecrating and dumb as it can be, will do nothing good to our people and nation in the end.

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