Woman vendor throws rock at patrol car after cops did not buy her chicharon

By Jennifer P. Rendon

Personnel of Numancia Municipal Police Station in Aklan province had to fix their patrol car after a 40-year-old woman threw a rock at their vehicle.

Police did not name the woman following reports that she was mentally challenged.

The incident happened around 8:40 a.m. on Dec 7 in front of the town’s public market.

The Numancia PNP’s patrol vehicle was parked in the area as the police force is temporarily holding office on the public market building’s second floor while their station is under construction.

Staff Sergeant Winel Tejada, Numancia police investigator, said the woman was vending chicharon, or fried pork rinds, at the police station.

Some personnel were able to buy while some begged off.

The refusal is believed to have triggered the woman to go ballistic.

She began shouting at the cops, accusing them of not buying from her since she is a PWD (person with disability).

She then picked up an empty bottle and attempted to throw it at the officers.

Police subsequently escorted her out of the temporary station down to the public market’s main building.

But she again picked up a stone and threw it at the patrol car’s windshield.
The woman was subsequently subdued and detained.

Tejada said the woman’s live-in partner later came to the police station and explained that she was having some mental problems.

But he said they might still file a case against the woman for malicious mischief.