WV among top chicken producers – PSA

Western Visayas is the fourth largest producer of chicken, according to the latest data from the Philippine Statistics Authority (PSA).

The PSA reported that Western Visayas yielded 30,690 metric tons (MT, liveweight) of chickens, accounting for 6.626 percent of the national production from April to June 2022 at 463,120 MT.

In terms of chicken inventory, Western Visayas reported the highest inventory of native/improved chicken with 13.10 million birds.

The 463,120 MT national production represents an annual growth of 6.9 percent from the previous year’s level of 433,110 MT.

Central Luzon was the top producer of chicken during the quarter with 157,900 MT, or 34.1 percent share.

The other top producing regions and their corresponding volume of production in liveweight were:

-CALABARZON with 86,190 MT;

-Northern Mindanao with 40,530 MT;

-Central Visayas with 26,380 MT.

All top producing regions accounted for 73.8 percent of the country’s total chicken production.

In comparison to their levels in the same quarter last year, 12 regions reported increases in production during the quarter.

Central Luzon posted the highest increase of 17,490 MT from the 140,400 MT in the same period last year to 157,900 MT.

As of June 30, 2022, total chicken inventory was at 186.36 million birds or a decrease of -0.5 percent compared to stocks in the same period of previous year.

Similarly, population of native/improved chicken and layer chicken declined by -1.6 percent and -0.2 percent, respectively.

On the other hand, broiler chicken population grew by 0.8 percent. Of the total chicken population, native/improved chicken accounted for 43.9 percent, followed by broiler chicken with 32.4 percent share and layer chicken with 23.7 percent share. (Figure 2)

In terms of chicken inventory, the top regions were Central Luzon, CALABARZON, and Northern Mindanao with a combined share of 44.5 percent to the total chicken population.

Broiler chicken inventory was highest in Central Luzon with 19.79 million birds, while CALABARZON shared the highest inventory of layer chicken with 16.33 million birds.

The average farmgate price of broiler chicken in commercial farms was PhP108.81 per kilogram, liveweight for this quarter. This was 8.1 percent higher than the previous year’s same period average price of PhP100.69 per kilogram, liveweight. (Figure 4)

The highest farmgate price was recorded in June at PhP111.29 per kilogram, liveweight, while the lowest was quoted in April at PhP106.08 per kilogram, liveweight.