WV top cop to check reports of unauthorized police detailing

Brigadier General Leo Francisco (Jennifer P. Rendon)

By Jennifer P. Rendon

Unit commanders will be taken to task if they allow the detailing of police security without going through the process.

Brigadier General Leo Francisco, Western Visayas police chief, said that he already instructed all provincial and city police directors to account for their personnel.

The accounting will take into consideration the security details of politicians and government officials and civilians who passed through the threat assessment process.

Francisco made the comment following reports of at least two active police generals who allegedly asked for security for their children.

It was reported that these police officers were used as drivers who bring and fetch these generals’ children to school.

“‘Yung anak ng kung sinuman, hindi puwede ‘yan. Mananagot yung mga unit commanders if they are in cahoots in giving security to these personalities,” he said.

Francisco’s statement was relative to the PNP’s assessment of threats to elected government officials.

He said they would thresh out officials who have a high threat level and will eventually be provided with enough security.

In verifying the threat level, Francisco said that they have pre-determined guidelines and criteria.

“Once the assessment is done, we will pass it to the PSPG (Police Security and Protection Group) and the PNP chief will approve it,” he said.

But a PNP regional director also has the authority to grant police security to those who have “valid threat security threats” for a certain period.

Those that are under threat could be given a maximum of two police security detail.

The PSPG is a PNP unit that secures and protects elected and appointed national government officials; members of the diplomatic corps and visiting foreign dignitaries; delegates and/or participants during special events, private individuals authorized to be given protection, and vital government installations.