Yanson 4 ask Leo Rey to stop pretending as VTI president

By: Dolly Yasa

A SIBLING of Leo Rey Yanson asked the latter to desist from pretending to be president of Vallacar Transit Inc. (VTI), operator of Ceres Bus Liner.

In a statement, Celina Yanson-Lopez, VTI chief financial officer, said Leo Rey is violating the law for his continued insistence that he is still VTI president.

Celina, along with siblings Roy, Emily, and Ricardo Jr., ousted Leo Rey from VTI’s helm more than a month ago. The conflict has protracted into jostling for control of their bus terminals and key offices in Bacolod and Negros.

Celina also asked company employees “not to comply with the illegal directives of their youngest brother lest they suffer from its consequences.”

She made clear that “management is distancing itself from “illegal directives” issued by Leo Rey, particularly in forcing employees and workers to take sides in the conflict by making them sign a blank paper and changing the policy on entering and leaving the workplace.

“Those practices have never been the policy of the company and are meant to frighten employees to toe the line or lose their jobs. We are legitimate owners of the company, majority shareholders of the board, at that. Company employees should only follow lawful orders coming from the management, which remains under our control,” Celina emphasized.

“Leo Rey’s actions constitute sabotage that has only harmed the very company to which he claims to serve. He swore to obey the Family Constitution before our father and mother. He also swore to respect the shareholders agreement which we all signed and which gave us our respective company shares.”

Majority of VTI’s board of directors last July 7 ousted Leo Rey as company president although he remains as member of the board.

“As member of the board, Leo Rey should respect its decision to which he remains a minority member. While the courts entertained LRY’s injunction case, the very same court denied a temporary restraining order he sought which essentially means that a ‘status quo’ exists,” the statement added.

The status quo includes the recognition of the existing management team composed of Roy Yanson as president, Ricky Yanson Junior as vice president for operations, Emily Yanson as vice president for administration and corporate secretary and Celina as chief financial officer.

Leo Rey has the support of their mother Olivia and sister Ginette Y. Dumancas.

The Yanson 4 also condemned Leo Rey orders to employees “to sign a blank sheet of paper essentially forcing them to a re-commitment to his unlawful policies as ousted President.”

“Employees of the company, particularly drivers and conductors are being made to sign a paper which promotes division and discrimination. Employees are refused entry without first signing a paper which is being peddled as a‘re-commitment’ to management,” the statement added.

Celina said Leo Rey’s actions “are harming the company particularly his directive to the security agency to prevent workers from entering company premises.”

“That paper essentially erases a person’s service record. Those who do not give their fealty to Leo Rey are being asked to leave the company. That is totally unfair and a violation of laws. I urge my brother not to break this company apart. Do not discriminate. For 50 years, we had not practiced such policies. We must remain a people-oriented organization. Loyalty must not be reposed on one person but solely to the company and to the organization.”