101 Food Tank Arrives To Serve You Healthy Power Meals

101 Food Tank is Iloilo’s newest restaurant packing power in the healthiest way! 101 Food has launched its latest venture in the health and wellness industry with the 101 Food Tank. Located in Greenfield Complex, the food truck features fully-equipped kitchen facilities for the health-conscious foodie. Meals are scientifically designed for maximizing gains, muscle recovery, weight loss, or overall wellness according to each eater’s preference.

101 Food was founded in 2022 by Jona Mae Antiquiera to provide healthy and tasty food for gym-goers and wellness enthusiasts through customizable online subscriptions and door-to-door deliveries. With the 101 Food Tank launching last August 8, 2023, 101 Food’s services have now been extended to the streets of Iloilo and passersby looking for nutritious and delicious meals.

The health and fitness scene in Iloilo City just powered up thanks to 101 Food Tank. Open from 11am to 9pm Mondays to Saturdays, bring your friends and experience power meals on wheels.