191 neophyte soldiers undergo 16-week training

Photo Courtesy of Philippine Army Spearhead Troopers

By Jennifer P. Rendon

The 3rd Army’s Infantry Division Training School (3DTS) has commenced the rigorous basic military training for 191 candidate soldiers.

The 16-week intensive training program aims to equip neophyte soldiers with the necessary skills and knowledge as they become defenders of the nation.

Of the 191 candidates, 177 are males while 14 are females, reflecting the growing interest of women in pursuing military careers.

The training officially began following the oath-taking ceremony on May 24, 2023, which saw the members of the Candidate Soldier Course Class 768 and 769-2023 pledging their commitment to serve with honor and integrity.

Brigadier Gen. Leonardo Peña, 3rd ID assistant commander, graced the graduation ceremony.

Peña emphasized the challenges faced by the candidates throughout the rigorous selection process.

“Remember the time when you eagerly waited to fulfill your heart’s desires, sacrificing your time and effort to pursue your dreams of becoming one of us. You have come from diverse backgrounds and various regions, and now it is imperative that you prove your worthiness and dedication to the positive values instilled by the Army,” he said.

The 191 recruits were chosen from a pool of thousands of aspirants who sought to join the military service.

Over the course of the 16-week training program, the candidate soldiers received comprehensive instruction on the fundamental principles of soldiery, including physical conditioning, tactical skills, and the Army’s core values.

The rigorous training aims to mold them into resilient and highly disciplined soldiers, ready to face the challenges that lie ahead.

Peña said the 3rd ID Leadership is confident that the 191 candidate soldiers will be committed in their chosen career.

“As you embark on this transformative journey, we hope that your training will shape you into capable defenders who are ready to uphold the nation’s security and safeguard its people,” Peña told the newbie soldiers.