Dutch-Ilongga Helena Rose Beerda marked her 18th Birthday  in a Royal Duchess-themed dinner-dance celebration.

Held at the plush Ballroom of Smallville 21 Hotel, which was spruced up to the nines with Royalty decors, everyone were excitedly welcomed by the mother of the debutante, Trina  Beerda.

“Actually this is now my youngest daughter Helena Rose’ second celebration especially for her Iloilo City’s  classmates, family and close pals. Her 18th real birthdate birthday was first celebrated in The Netherlands months ago,” Madame Trina said.

The petite and classy debutante entered the venue in an elegant sweet pink ballgown stunner by Iloilo’s Prince of Fashion, Jun-G Candelario. Equally stunning were here older sister Patricia Lynn and mom Trina!

Her father Fokko Bijzetter Beerd, president of the Fil-European Club, was in The Netherlands that night, but he relayed his message in virtual setup.

Highlighting the dinner dance celebration was the grand waltz by the Debutante, who wore a Blue Royal gown also by Jun-G Candelario, with her dance consort, the debonaire Paolo Jereza.

“Happiness makes us sweet, this time with the presence of all well-wishers this evening,” Trina Beerda said.

Cheers to our dear Helena Rose Beerda!