A Funko Pop Graduation!

By Joshua Adrian Aristoza

“Sablay” is a tagalog word that can sometimes be used to describe a failure or missing the mark. As a verb, sablay means to place a precious object like a piece of cloth or garment upon one’s shoulder as a gesture of respect.

Sablays are the sweetest thing you can wear after surviving four (or more, no shame in that) years in the esteemed university. The sablay of the University of the Philippines is the sash worn by graduates during their graduation ceremony and it is upheld with the utmost respect whenever it is worn.

Although March is usually the graduation season, UP students experience the relief and uncertainty of graduation in the month of June, and for the graduates of 2019, it will be held on the 27th of June, a few days from now. As a little celebration of all of their victories (and ours as well last year) here’s my custom Funko Pop! Sablay!

This is made from my usual Funko Pop! DIY base body, with a fully sculpted body, scratch built bouquet and glasses, and sculpted hair. The inspiration for this Pop! is my very own inspiration in life, someone who I spent my college years with and supported me in everything I did (and continue to do). This custom Pop! was the least I could do for everything she’s done for me.

For everyone graduating, congratulations! Continue to serve the country wherever you may end up, honor and excellence in everything. For those who still have a few more years left, don’t let that discourage you. You’ll come out a better person because of whatever trials you may be facing. Tuloy pa rin ang laban!