Acid test for our justice system

By Reni M. Valenzuela

Senator Imee Marcos has a point, but partly.

Correct, our courts of law have manifested their independence and wisdom in a few of their rulings as exemplified in and characterized by how things have developed and are developing in the Leila de Lima case (not Pharmally case).

However, our justice system has yet to prove itself for Juan dela Cruz to say that it is not only functioning, but functioning and working well and whole – enough for the government or our courts to dispense pure, unadulterated, genuine justice.

The Philippines’ bar and seats of judgment, their judicial writ and routine, rectitude and character have yet to undergo cleansing and transformation to bear out our justice system as being in fine and good form or physically, internally, spiritually fit – in the matters of self-rule, autonomy, apolitical nature, impartiality, wisdom, uprightness, gallantry and incorruptibility.

Moreover, our magistrates need to just ignore “legal minds” who are experts only at concocting hollow, silly, polluted, self-serving, worthless arguments and opinions to muddle issues and mislead/dupe the gullible. And, never mind the palpably “colored” officials (past and present) who carry some cuss and scourge or “indebtedness” baggage, and are just too willing to sound and look like buffoons and clowns in public – on behalf of their pals or “clients.” Comical.

The best proof available Filipinos have (thus far) lies in our government’s sincere and just probing of and deciding on the patent, evident, grievous extrajudicial killings and brutalities that happened during (and after) the Duterte administration.

Such is aside from doing the same (by the courts) on critical, burning issues of the day, e.g.,  secret funds in the government budget (national and local), massive corruption (not “technical malversation” for the well-meant and uninvolved), Pharmally robbery, sanctioned plundering, political “war lordism” and dynasty, electoral reform, China bullying, Maharlika Fund, legalized gambling and POGO, NTF-Elcac, red-tagging, red-threatening, red-persecuting, open vulgarity, profanity and immorality, anti-“terror” law, etcetera.

Jail and punish the crooks and thugs, the predators and predatory, the avaricious and “cannibalous,” the conscienceless, soulless and heartless – not the innocent or “technically convicted” guiltless and guileless. “There is no justice in following unjust laws.” – Aaron Swartz

All these are acid tests for our justice system and the BBM administration. And, voila, the devilish communism and insurgents have nothing to do with it all as they are merely being used as alibis by assorted wolves, crocs and vultures in the government or military and society. God is omniscient, omnipresent, omnipotent, immutable, holy, sovereign and reigns supreme and independently – or He is not God.

In the aftermath of and relation to the recent Muntinlupa Trial Court’s Solomonic verdict in allowing Leila de Lima to post bail for her temporary freedom, senator Imee downplayed the role of the International Criminal Court to bring about justice to the land. I beg to so disagree.

The lady lawmaker defended her original position that “the ICC has no jurisdiction over any Filipino…”  She avouched, “the ICC has no business meddling with our justice system.” Oh no, not yet, madam senator.

“The independence of the judiciary” and its “obliviousness of personalities or any political noise” (whatever she meant by it) – is yet to be unraveled and seen, and seen without any iota of doubt, reservation and suspicion. Until that materializes, the ICC has every reason (moral, legal, spiritual, terrestrial, etc.) to get into the picture.

No, not yet, my dear. There remains a lot of proving to do on the part of our judges, justices, Supreme Court, Ombudsman, Solicitor General and Justice Secretary before the nation gets to that point. Lastly, Identify the hoodlums in robes among yourselves, dear honorable magistrates.

“Thus saith the Lord: Execute justice and administer righteousness. Rescue the victims from their oppressors. Do no wrong. Do no violence… Shed not innocent blood.” – Jeremiah 22:3

Pray. 2 Chronicles 7:14.