AHF Philippines Says ‘Just Use It’ on Int’l Condom Day

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Happy International Condom Day!

Let’s celebrate by sharing the great news that condoms remain the optimal choice for ensuring safer and more enjoyable intimate moments with your partner.

This year, the AIDS Healthcare Foundation (AHF) Philippines will host a month-long celebration in honor of International Condoms Day. The aim is to educate on condom use, distribute free condoms, and encourage everyone to either start or continue using condoms consistently.

AHF Philippines’ ICD event will feature a series of activities emphasizing the importance of safe sex practices, promoting consistent condom usage, and providing educational resources on sexual health.

The various events hope to reach over 10,000 people, including a Condom Distribution Drive that involves refilling condom dispensers at partner locations, a Condom Workshop Booth conducting educational workshops on safe sex practices, a Condom-Themed Photo Booth engaging participants in a fun and educational experience, and spreading awareness on social media using the official hashtag, #ICD2024. Additionally, Love (the Condom Mascot) will be on tour, helping promote safe sex through a mascot at various outreach events and much more!

Ms. Nenet L. Ortega, the Country Manager of AHF Philippines, shared that according to the World Health Organization, over 1 million people globally acquire an STI every day, and thanks to condoms, 117 million new HIV infections have been averted since 1990. This is why, on ICD and beyond, the world must remember—condoms are safe, sexy, and essential to ending HIV/AIDS.

Observed annually on February 13, International Condom Day gives people worldwide the chance to receive free condoms and essential information about proper condom use and other sexual health issues. On ICD 2024, we urge everyone worldwide to remember that condoms save lives and remain the best option for preventing HIV, other sexually transmitted infections, and unplanned pregnancies.

For more information on this initiative, contact Ms. Nenet L. Ortega of AHF Philippines at 01975121956.

Visit LOVEcondoms.org to learn more.

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