AIDS council holds Visayas IRR consultation for HIV law

THE Philippine National AIDS Council (PNAC) conducted in Iloilo City the Regional Stakeholders Consultation in the Visayas for the development of the Implementing Rules and Regulations (IRR) of Republic Act 11166 (Philippine HIV and AIDS Policy Act).

Ma. Luisa Orezca, Director IV of the PNAC Secretariat, said the purpose of the consultation is to come up with a meaningful, sound, and well-consulted IRR, which is an output of the participation of the stakeholders.

 “The participation of the stakeholders is very important because we, in the Department of Health, cannot come with the IRR if they will not be giving us inputs. They know better than us when it comes to their craft,” Orezca said.

She said the IRR consultation in Iloilo City, which took place March 27 to 28 at the MO2 Westown Hotel, is the fourth that they have conducted.

She also commended the consultation with the stakeholders in the Visayas which generated meaningful discussion and inputs.

“Their comments were vital and these were new and were not brought up during the previous consultations,” she said.

According to PNAC, the development of the IRR is in compliance with the requirement of the law, which states that the IRR shall be promulgated within 90 days after its effectivity. (PIA-Iloilo)